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Top 11 ATS Software for US & Canadian Firms

ATS software for US

It’s widely known that Canada and the United States have thriving business ecosystems that house a plethora of companies attracting millions of employees from all parts of the world. Unfortunately, this automatically translates to an increased workload for the HR team. They end up getting swamped with countless job applications on a daily basis, which ultimately reduces their productivity and delays the hiring process. To help the HR team and automate most of the hiring process, Applicant Tracking System was developed. Managing job postings, candidate information, candidate communication, and job applications were all automated through a single ATS platform. In this post, we will take a look at the 11 best ATS software tailored for US and Canadian Firms.

1. Sage

Sage is a next-gen recruitment platform that helps businesses manage all their HR requirements from a single platform. The tool instantly boosts the efficiency of your HR team as it streamlines and optimizes different processes such as recruiting, onboarding, and employee management. The tool is beginner-friendly and comes with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can also create unique landing pages to promote your new job openings and stand apart from the crowd. You can even schedule interviews that will be instantly synced with Outlook calendars. 

Key Features – Custom Pipeline stages, unlimited pipelines, pipeline stage triggers, applicant import, and custom scorecards.

Pricing – The Standard plan starts at $205.5/mo

G2 Review4.3 out of 5


CEIPAL is one of the most powerful ATS software for US and Canadian firms. It is not only an able Applicant Tracking System but also a Customer Relationship Management software, a Vendor Management System, and a Workforce Manager. The platform is powered by AI which automates most of your everyday processes. It also comes loaded with a robust analytics feature to understand your candidates better and boost your hiring success rate. CEIPAL automatically sources the best candidates for you from various job boards and delivers top talent straight to your dashboard. 

Key Features – Integration with 50+ Job boards, real-time-search, bulk emails, SMS & VoIP Integrations, and one-click job posting.

Pricing – The ATS plan starts at $24/mo

G2 Review 4.6 out of 5

CEIPAL can be integrated with FreJun. Click here to know more.

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3. X0PA

X0PA is an end-to-end recruitment platform that facilitates intelligent hiring. It incorporates science into hiring by using smart AI algorithms that search for candidates, offers recommendations, and perform predictions based on skill. The platform automates almost the entire recruitment process, right from job posting to sharing interview schedules in the candidate’s inbox. XOPA also offers an excellent virtual interview environment to pre-screen candidates. 

Key Features – Candidate rediscovery, job board integrations, AI-powered screening, workflow automation, chatbot, and omnichannel communication.

Pricing – Contact the X0PA team for pricing details.

G2 Review5 out of 5

X0PA can be integrated with FreJun. Click here to know more.

4. Monday

Monday is a workflow management tool that also functions as a full-fledged ATS software. It can effortlessly track and manage your talent pipeline and even engage with your current employees. The software empowers you to build a streamlined internal plan to track each candidate’s position in the hiring process along with their detailed performance in each stage. This is also a great tool for optimizing your onboarding process. 

Key Features – Integration with other tools, recruitment pipeline, applicant tracker, recruitment tracker, and feedback tracker

Pricing – There is a forever free plan with limited accessibility while the basic plan starts at ₹10/month.

G2 Review 4.7 out of 5

5. Bamboo HR

BambooHR is a modern ATS software for US and Canadian firms that helps them in finding and hiring top talent in no time. Using this platform, your HR team can keep the application information of various candidates easily organized, that too clearly segmented at every phase of the hiring process. BambooHR also facilitates timely communication at all steps of the hiring process, so that the candidates are always well-informed, while the process is kept transparent. To boost internal communication and increase the efficiency of the HR team, the tool offers seamless messaging capability. BambooHR’s advanced analytics engine identifies bottlenecks and inconsistencies in your hiring process and notifies you of the same.

Key features – Single-click job posting, centralized candidates data, reporting and analytics.

Pricing – Contact the BambooHR team for pricing details.

G2 Review 4.5 out of 5

6. Tracker

Tracker blends ATS capabilities with CRM functionalities to boost the overall hiring efficiency of your organisation. You can smartly organize candidates on customized pipelines through the drag-and-drop feature. The tool also parses all the data in candidates’ resumes and uses data like skills, experience, education, and employment to rank the candidates based on fitment. Tracker also comes with a skill profiling feature that categorizes candidates based on niche-specific skillsets and industrial knowledge, which are usually not listed explicitly on the resume. 

Key Features – Resume Parsing, candidate search with 80+ advanced filters, job board search, candidate prospecting and interviewing, and job board posting.

Pricing – Contact the Tracker team for pricing details.

G2 Review4.6 out of 5

7. VanillaHR

VanillaHR is ideal for firms of all sizes to source, attract, qualify, and interview candidates. This modern ATS platform has reported that its clients see a 50% reduction in recruitment time and a 90% increase in recruiter productivity. The tools allow you to customize the hiring pipeline as per your precise requirements. It also enables multiple hiring managers to collaborate so that an informed hiring decision can be taken every time. It is also a breezy experience to schedule interviews and follow up with candidates.

Key Features – Job Board integration, domain and career page creator, pipeline manager, analytics, customized notifications, and email automation.

Pricing – Contact the VanillaHR team for pricing details.

G2 Review – NA

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8. HR Partner

HR Partner is a holistic HR toolset, that offers everything from ATS to employee management. You can use the platform’s ATS capabilities to smoothen the recruiting process and make it more efficient. You can also build a customized application form with the necessary fields. This way you can use different forms for different positions. The platform also has a Kanban-style tracking system to move candidates through different stages. Lastly, you can create an email template and send bulk and individual emails from a particular stage of the hiring process.

Key features – Customized job application forms, Kanban style tracking, email automation, and customized scorecard.

Pricing – The ATS platform along with onboarding and employee management starts at $43/mo

G2 Review4.6 out of 5

9. Orange HRM

OrangeHRM lets you manage job postings on different platforms and build a custom workflow to track the progress of the vacancy. You can create hiring templates for your future hires and grade the talent pool based on individual performances. You can integrate OrangeHRM with your company’s website to create a frictionless application process. OrangeHRM also comes with a unique interview assistant feature that helps your team ask the right question to candidates every time. This saves hiring time and decreases bias.

Key Features – Job posting, integration with the website, customizable application forms, and interview assistant automation.

Pricing – OrangeHRM offers a free plan with limited features. For paid plans, contact their team for pricing details.

G2 Review4.2 out of 5

10. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a popular ATS software for US and Canadian firms that has carved a name for itself in the hiring industry. This platform ensures that your hiring process is bias-free and your team’s efficiency is amplified in a short span. Besides recruiting, the tool is also quite efficient in handling your onboarding requirements as it lets you design personal welcome experiences and build a strong foundation for constant improvement. 

Key Features – Collaboration, in-the-moment nudges, automated surveys, customizable permissions, and integrations with over 450+ tools.

Pricing – Contact the Greenhouse team for pricing details.

G2 Review4.4 out of 5

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11. Workable

The last tool on our list is Workable which is a potent tool to find top talent in any industry. It gives you all the necessary tools and functionalities to source, evaluate and hire the best candidates. Workable also creates a fully streamlined candidate experience with the help of job application forms, a branded career site, email and offer letter templates. You can also create custom onboarding experiences and store all your employee data in a single platform.

Key Features – One-click job board posting, candidate sourcing, requisition workflow, branded career site, and interview scheduling. 

Pricing – The most basic plan costs $149 per month.

G2 Review4.6 out of 5


It is always important for an organization to find the right talent from the massive pool of candidates available in the market. But what’s more important is to find it quickly without putting too much pressure on the hiring time. This is where the above ATS tools can help. In this post, we have seen some of the best ATS software for US and Canadian firms that can not only speed up the recruitment process but also do it with great returns on your investment.

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