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What is an Autodialer?

Autodialer is a smart solution that enables your agents to dial hundreds of numbers at the same time and connect them with a customer only after a call has been answered.

How does an Autodialer work?

1. Select contacts

Open the contact list and select all the people you want to call.

2. Click autodial

Click the Autodial button to start calling.

3. Automatic calling

FreJun will automatically dial next number once the call is complete.

Benefits of using FreJun’s Autodialer

Saves time

Outbound calls are time-consuming, especially when the lead list is huge. Our autodialer transforms your outbound calling process into a streamlined and scalable one, thus saving time for all.

Increases sales & revenue

Our Autodialer boosts your company’s sales and revenue as your team can spend more time on conversion and sales-related activities instead of wasting it on dialing numbers manually. 

increase team productivity with frejun

Optimizes Manpower

Our Autodialer helps in optimizing your team size as it multiplies the existing agent’s productivity. This ensures that companies do not overspend on unwanted resources.

Features of an Autodialer

Simple-to-use interface

FreJun’s Autodialer has been carefully designed, keeping first-time users in mind. The interface is fresh, new, hassle-free, and extremely easy to use.

Add call details

Our Autodialer lets you do much more than dialing numbers. You can add call outcomes, call reasons, and call notes to make your calls more intelligent.

Call recordings

All calls made via our Autodialer are automatically recorded for future training purposes and dispute management.

Integration with top CRM and ATS

FreJun can be integrated with top CRMs like Pipedrive and HubSpot and top ATSs like CEIPAL and X0PA. Import contact list instantly from these platforms and reach out to them through Autodialer.

Reasons to choose FreJun

Improved call pickup rates

FreJun drastically improves call pickups through Google verified calls or True caller on the virtual number.

Offers a complete suite of solutions

We provide you with a contact center, a virtual number, toll-free numbers, and call and sticky routing.

Powerful analytics engine

Our inbuilt analytics engine lets track your team’s performance and identify bottlenecks in your process instantly.


There is no limit on the number of calls or the minutes of calls. The above charges includes both unlimited incoming and outgoing calls.

No. All you need is a browser, an active internet connection, and a subscription to FreJun. No extra hardware or any additional cost.

No. You can enjoy the Autodialer feature for free if you select FreJun’s Professional plan.

Simple. Either create an account with FreJun for free or subscribe to our solution by picking your preferred plan. Once that’s complete, just import your contact list from your favorite CRM, pick the contacts to call, and click the call button to get started.

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