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CEIPAL Integration

HR management and recruiting software for staffing firms


Make calls from your CEIPAL account using FreJun-CEIPAL integration. Improve your recruitment process through call automation.


  • Click to call: Make calls from CEIPAL¬† with a single click. Just click on the call button next to the phone numbers in CEIPAL. FreJun will take care of the rest.
  • Call Records: All the incoming and outgoing calls get logged under the contact’s activity for easy access and review.
  • Call insights: The user can add more information such as call reason and call outcome to each call.
  • Daily call analytics: Managers receive Daily call reports and Analytics for training purposes.


  • FreJun’s CEIPAL integration makes it easier to make calls from your CEIPAL account. All incoming and outgoing calls get logged under the contact’s profile. Track the interaction history and hiring progress using this data.
  • Metadata like call reason, call outcome and notes are added to the contact’s activity in CEIPAL. This information, along with the call recording, can be used to understand the call’s context and creates a smooth call.
  • Make your business completely mobile by making calls from any location, experience high-quality calls and high call pick-up rates from the FreJun android app, and get the calls logged in CEIPAL.

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