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Our work – Startupbyte co-founders Praveen Dorna and Chethan Mittapalli


Co-founders of Startupbyte, Praveen Dorna and Chethan Mittapalli This is the first interview of our new “interview series” on what managers and CEOs think about their work and how they work on a daily basis. There will be some good takeaway points from each individual. StartupByte is building a “Social Network for Startups” to bring startup communitiesContinue Reading

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How AI Is Simplifying Managerial Tasks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially modern computer systems. And it is all around us. Enabling our lives and making things easier. For instance, if you have spent a great deal of time searching for a product on Amazon, through innovative algorithms, Google has been able to automaticallyContinue Reading

Interviews, Wisdom

My work – Lance Cummins, President of Nectafy

Today,we have Lance Cummins, President of Nectafy.  Lance started Nectafy in 2012 and grew the company organically into a 10+ company with multiple customers across the globe. Lance is not a typical CEO that you come across very often. Below is our interview with him that we can assure will be thought-provoking and interesting. Interviewer: Can you describe your company and your role briefly, please? Lance Cummins:Continue Reading