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Automate your recruitment process

FreJun automates your recruitment process and makes it super simple for recruiters to Screen & Interview candidates.
Click to call while browsing on the web

Click to call candidates

Contacting candidates and keeping track of calls manually can be an exhausting process.
Automate your candidate outreach process with Click-to-call. Your recruitment team can instantly reach the candidate while browsing any job portals or ATS.

Screen candidates faster

FreJun helps you to screen candidates faster and reach out the potential candidates with the help of SMS Screening.
The candidates are automatically screened based on the answers. Using this data, recruitment team can reach out to the potential candidates immediately.

Screen candidates faster
Increase call pick up with Google verified calls

Build trust and increase call pickups

Anonymous numbers erode trust.
Let your candidates know who you are and why you’re calling with Google verified calls and Truecaller.
Avoid being listed as spam and establish trust to your company’s and recruiter’s profile.

Keep track of all interactions with candidates in one place

Get a detailed view of all interactions with the candidate like call logs, call reason & outcome and call recording in a single place. FreJun can also be integrated with your existing ATS platform, so that you can .
FreJun Integrations


Quick setup

Set up your account in 5 minutes or less for the team and start using it immediately.

Virtual number

Each user gets a unique virtual number for outgoing and incoming calls.

Call recording

Log and capture all outbound and inbound calls without missing a beat.

Call reports

Track and analyze your team's calling activity with daily and weekly reports.

Auto dialing

Create a list and call multiple numbers in a single click using auto dial.

Call scheduling

Schedule a call and get automatically connected at the scheduled time.

Call reason & outcome

Add more context to the call with call reason, call outcome and notes.

Mobile app

Make calls on the go and know who is calling with the help of caller id.

Business app integration

Frejun can be connected with your existing business platform.

Simplify your screening and interview process