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How Automation can make Recruitment Easier

Every sector is employing technology to automate its processes, and so is the recruitment sector. Recruitment automation can help companies reduce the hiring time and efforts to a great extent by handling mundane day-to-day tasks efficiently. 

The Recruiter Nation Report mentioned that the recruiters want tedious and time-consuming tasks to get automated. They want to focus more on managing the interview process, doing phone screens, and salary negotiations and less on sourcing and interview scheduling. This is the kind of work they want to focus more on. 

What is Recruitment Automation?

Recruitment automation is a technology that streamlines your recruitment tasks, from the first point of contact with the candidate to extending an offer letter. 

It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to simplify the tedious recruitment tasks and frees you up to spend more time on the human and strategic work.

It empowers you to reach out to the candidates quickly, fill the vacancies in minimal time and reduce the hiring costs. 

Benefits of Recruitment Automation

Makes candidate reach out process easier

The recruiters receive thousands of resumes every day, and they have to shortlist the qualified candidates out of this pool of applications and contact them. Manually calling the shortlisted candidates can be a very tedious and time-consuming process. You can automate the candidate reach out process using Auto-dial & Click-To-Call and make it less time consuming.

Eliminates scheduling errors

Scheduling interviews with the shortlisted candidates over email can be very tedious and time-consuming. It can also cause miscommunication and errors, which can result in poor candidate experience. Streamlining the interview scheduling process reduces the recruiter’s burden and eliminates errors. Both the candidate and the interviewer get notified at the scheduled time without missing out on the interview. 

Saves valuable time 

Automation saves your time by simplifying complex and time-consuming tasks like sourcing and interview scheduling. It allows you to focus your efforts more on creating a good candidate experience and recruitment training. This increases the efficiency of your recruiting team and empowers you to drive better, faster outcomes.

Shortens the recruitment cycle

Long recruitment cycles lead to the high cost of hiring. Streamlining the recruitment tasks increases your productivity and allows you to fill the vacant job roles in minimal time. Thus, shortening the hiring cycle and decreasing the cost of recruiting. The business spends a lot of time and resources on talent acquisition, and Automation can help in saving both. 

Creates smooth candidate experience 

A candidate’s first contact with the company is a very crucial part of the hiring process. It should be fast, flawless, and high quality. An unpleasant experience can cause you to lose a highly qualified candidate. Automating the candidate communication process can help your recruiting team provide a seamless experience to the candidates and lift the organization’s talent profile and brand reputation.

Offers additional features and integrations

Automation offers integrations with different Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. ATS helps recruiters keep a consistent check on the recruitment process.  CRM platform helps the recruiters log the details of the potential hires in one place, keep in touch with them and maintain a pipeline for future references.  It also offers features like email automation, IVR system, call forwarding, call recording & analytics, chatbots, etc. 

Automating the routine recruiting tasks will let your recruiters and hiring managers devote more attention to the human aspects of the job. It will help create high-quality interactions throughout the candidate journey. Therefore, organizations need to incorporate new levels of Automation in their hiring process and increase its efficiency and effectiveness. 

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