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Top 10 Voice OTP Providers

Voice otp providers

Online transactions, sensitive data sharing, and access to critical accounts have all become an integral part of our daily lives. This means the need for strong authentication methods has never been more important. One such robust authentication method is Voice OTP(One Time Passwords). They prevent unauthorised access and fraudulent activities by combining the convenience of spoken language and the security of freshly generated codes. In this guide, we will go through a curated list of the top 10 voice OTP providers who can help your business achieve better digital security. 

1) FreJun

FreJun is one of India’s best voice OTP providers and caters to all types of businesses. FreJun is also a full-fledged cloud telephony solution that handles A-Z of all your communication needs. Some of the key features offered by FreJun include virtual numbers, click-to-call, autodial, AI insights, and integration with ATSs and CRMs. The platform also offers you a dedicated dashboard. This is to ensure that you can access all their services without having to switch between multiple windows. FreJun comes with a free trial plan. This lets you explore all the core capabilities of FreJun first before making a decision. FreJun offers two affordable plans to suit all budgets. Check out the full pricing details here. 

2) SMSala

The voice OTP service provided by SMSala is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, insurance, and banking. The best part about SMSala is that it can deliver your OTP irrespective of the user’s location. It has a global coverage spanning 190 countries and 800 networks with best-in-class delivery rates. SMSala also offers the back-end logic required for OTP generation. This means you don’t have to worry about generating unique OTP for thousands of customers on a daily basis. The platform can also catch invalid numbers as they are entered so that your OTP is always sent to a valid number. 


Authkey is a communication platform that offers voice, SMS, and email services to its clients. Voice OTP service is one of its core capabilities and is used by many of its customers. You can either use automated phone calls to send voice OTP directly or use it as a fallback option for your SMS OTP. They have a strong network of over 220+ carriers present in over 200 countries, thereby ensuring that your customers will receive their voice OTP from any part of the world. They have multiple pricing plans and even offer volume-based discounts, making it a great choice for all those handling large volumes of customers. 

4) Mtalkz

Mtalkz voice OTP service helps your business by adding an additional security layer to your customer accounts. Its voice OTP caters to both national and international locations, making this a good option for all those businesses with global customers. They also have dedicated connectivity with several telecom networks to reduce delays and minimise non-delivery. And to avoid message failure, they also offer configurable re-trial attempts. You also get access to dashboard reports to ensure that you always stay on top of your customer security. Besides voice OTP service, Mtalkz also offers solutions like bulk SMS, IVR, number masking, missed call service, 2-way messaging, and international messaging. 

5) Deepcall

Deepcall is a leading voice OTP service provider in India and offers an easy way to manage user verification. The platform is one of the easiest to set up, and their voice OTP service can be activated in a matter of few minutes. This means you don’t need any special equipment or a dedicated team to manage the authentication process. They also have several affordable plans catering to all budgets. They also offer an integrated solution, which ensures that you can easily manage and track all your data within the same platform. Deepcall also offers a robust analytics dashboard which gives you the flexibility to view reports whenever and wherever you want. 

6) SMSCountry

If your goal is to safeguard your user data and reduce the occurrence of fraud and scams, then the voice OTP services of SMSCountry can help you. They offer 100% delivery assurance with OTP converted to speech and sent over a call. They have a simple and well-documented API that enables you to send voice-based OTPs directly from your website or application in less than 30 minutes. The platform also lets you send OTPs from a custom sender ID so that your recipients know where the OTP is coming from. You can even set the length and expiry time of the OTP.

7) SMSSquad

SMSSquad is similar to SMSala in many ways. For starters, it takes care of the backend logic required for OTP generation. It also ensures that every OTP is tied to a user and it is never reused to ensure high levels of security. It also comes with a number validator that ensures that your OTPs are never sent to the wrong number. Their unique voice-based 2FA model adds text-to-speech capability to the general 2FA process, thereby ensuring OTP delivery rates always hover around 100%. Besides Voice OTP, SMSSquad is known for its bulk SMS services. 

8) Way2smart

Way2smart is a premium voice OTP solution provider that caters predominantly to Indian customers. Many local businesses use their voice OTP services for account deletion and activation, where it is very important to ensure the authenticity of the user and to ensure that the customer data remains secure. The best part about Way2smart is their transparency. They have no setup cost, license cost, or even monthly fee. You just pay for what you use. Also, it is one of the few platforms to offer a free trial for 15 days for all registered users. This is quite useful for all those who would like to try the efficacy of the services before committing for a long time. 

9) Sarv

Like FreJun, Sarv is more than a voice OTP provider. It is a full-fledged cloud telephony software that can handle most of your business communication needs. Sarv’s voice OTP solution is fully API-based, which means you can start initiating OTP calls to your customers in minimal time. Sarv has been predominantly used by call centres owing to the huge variety of features offered by them for making outbound calls. This includes voice broadcasting, host your own number, toll-free number, virtual phone number, voicemail, and click-to-call, to name a few. 

10) Salesquared

Salesquared is one of the best cloud-based voice OTP providers that lets you send thousands of voice OTP calls parallelly. Their payment model is also simple and charges you only based on your usage. No hidden fees or last-minute surprises. Salesquared offers a delivery rate of around 95%, which is one of the highest in the industry. This also means all your customers can be verified instantly without any delays or errors. In fact, Salesquared claims that their voice OTP reaches all the users in less than 7 seconds. They also have a free trial plan, giving you the option to try the platform before making any payment. 


As we have seen in this post, several voice OTP providers have emerged in recent years, mainly to offer a compelling alternative to traditional authentication methods. Each of the platforms highlighted in this post comes with a unique set of features without compromising security measures. Whether you are a financial institution ensuring safe transactions or an e-commerce business verifying customer accounts, there is a voice-based OTP solution out there for you. 

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