Call automation for data driven teams | FreJun

Call automation

FreJun automates calling, logging your business calls and insights with your favourite workflow tools in a single click.

Simplify your business calls

Make more calls

Eliminate manual dialing and make more calls with click to call and autodial.
All the calls are recorded and logged automatically which you can use for future reference and training.

Improve call pickups

Improve call pickups with the help of Google verified calls or True caller on your FreJun virtual number.

Increase team productivity

Use FreJun’s analytics to track your team’s performance and find which part of your process is working and which can be improved.

Stay organized

No more switching between multiple apps!
Integrate FreJun with your existing workflow tool, and get all your call data organized in one place.

What our customers say about us

FreJun is an excellent platform for calling & maintaining records of calls. The product is user friendly with great analytics on reports which makes calling more productive. My most liked feature is its integration with several other platforms, virtual business number & WhatsApp option.

FreJun has made the job of our recruiters easier by automating the manual work of calling candidates one after the other in a monotonous fashion. Calling time of recruiters has considerably reduced; therefore, recruiters are able to allocate their bandwidth on other tasks and be more productive.

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