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Automate your business calls

FreJun automates your voice communication process and makes it easier for you to manage your business calls effectively.

Simplify your business calls

No manual dialing

Avoid manual dialing using Click-to-call and Auto-dial. Manage thousands of calls daily with full efficiency and avoid wastage of time.

Increase call pickups

Let your customers know who you are and why you’re calling with Google verified calls and Truecaller. Avoid being listed as spam and establish trust.
improve call pickups with frejun

Record every detail

Log all incoming and outgoing call recordings along with call notes, under the contact’s profile for easy access & review. Share with anyone or use it for future reference and training.

What our customers say about us

FreJun is an excellent platform for calling & maintaining records of calls. The product is user friendly with great analytics on reports which makes calling more productive. My most liked feature is its integration with several other platforms, virtual business number & WhatsApp option.

With Remote and Hybrid work becoming the norm, Frejun has helped Build Customer Trust, improve Internal QA as well as Improve the Learning cycle for new bees. Great going so far and I am sure the evolution Frejun is working on will take it places.

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