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How is Cloud Telephony Beneficial for Remote Employees in the Post-Pandemic Era?

how and why is cloud telephony essential for remote employees

The evolution of business communication technology has made it easier for employees to work remotely. One such communication technology is cloud telephony which provides 24/7 connectivity and flexibility to remote workers. It had proven to be a game-changer during the pandemic when most employees were working from home. But even after the pandemic subsided, cloud telephony proved to be a manna from heaven for remote employees. In this post, we will look at the different benefits of cloud telephony for remote employees in the post-pandemic world.

Benefits of cloud telephony for remote employees

Provides flexibility and mobility

Every business aims to provide a flexible working environment to its employees, and the latter also expects the same. Cloud telephony gives complete freedom to the business and its employees to work from any remote location, at any time. Both in-office and remote employees have access to the same cloud telephony features.

Since you do not tie employees to a desk phone like in the traditional landline calling system, they can use any device connected to the cloud-like a mobile phone, a desk phone, a computer, etc. to initiate calls. They can make their work completely mobile by using this technology as it provides full flexibility and mobility to its users. 

Offers additional features

Cloud telephony provides several features that can make remote working easier for everyone in your business. It offers auto-attendant, IVR, call forwarding, virtual phone number, call recording, and daily call analytics. All the business calls are made using a virtual number and not the team member’s mobile number. This way, they can keep their professional and personal life separate.

Easy to manage

It is easy to manage the cloud telephony system as it does not require any hardware or a traditional landline set up to commence. It is affordable and gets installed quickly. New features can be added easily by the service provider. It gets easily updated, and all your employees, including the remote workers, can use the new feature. 

Cloud telephony provides the team leaders with daily call analytics, which helps them measure and monitor the performance of the employees operating remotely. This way, the team leaders can have more control over the business communication process. Moreover, they can easily determine which part of the process is working efficiently and which isn’t. 

Adapts to changing needs

Businesses need to scale up to survive in this highly competitive market. Changing the way you operate can be a very time-consuming and expensive process. During such situations, you need a solution that is flexible to your needs. In this post-pandemic world, businesses are expanding like before, and the number of employees working remotely is also increasing at a rapid rate.

In such a scenario, cloud telephony proves to be of utmost benefit. It adapts to the changing needs of both the business and the employees. It provides seamless scaling up of the business. The company can add the new users easily, and all they have to do is plug in their devices, and they are good to go. 

Improves productivity

With cloud telephony, the employees get complete freedom to work from any remote location. A flexible working environment creates a smooth employee experience and motivates them to work harder. Moreover, the time-consuming and tedious calling tasks get streamlined using cloud telephony. It saves their time and allows them to focus on other tasks. Hence, increases their efficiency and productivity.

You can carry out remote working only if the communication channels are effective. There should be seamless connectivity between the company and its employees, and a lack of communication between the company and the employees can affect business operations. Cloud telephony helps bridge the communication gap and builds a healthy relationship between the employer and the employees.  

FreJun’s cloud telephony system offers several features to make your business communication process more efficient and remote working smooth. You can try FreJun for 7 days for free and see if it’s the right fit for your business.

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