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How Cloud Telephony Systems Will Help Shape the Future of Businesses?

future scope of cloud telephony in india

The heart of any great business was, is, and will always be communication. The ease at which employees and customers communicate today testifies to the remarkable changes that technology is producing in the world of communication. One such byproduct of this marvel called ‘technology’ is cloud telephony. Many businesses globally are adopting cloud telephony systems to bridge communication gaps between their teams and clients. Cloud telephony works through your internet connection and is pretty much device-agnostic. 

The massive success of cloud telephony systems can also be attributed to the fact that your service provider manages all your communication applications. At the same time, it also arms you with full control over the system. It lets you configure how it should work.

But the million-dollar question is, what will be the role of cloud telephony in the coming days? 

Let’s find out as we bring you 5 ways in which cloud telephony will transform the future of business for good.

#1 It will become an indispensable asset for startups and SMEs

In the future, there will be a deluge of startups and SMEs as it is becoming easier and easier to set up a business today. However, if there is one thing that’ll never change, it is the fact that startups and SMEs will continue to run on a shoestring budget. As a result, they will be in constant scrounge for solutions that will not burn a hole in their pockets. Cloud telephony will be one such solution that will save costs on two fronts-

  • Unlike conventional PBX branches, cloud telephony systems don’t require complex hardware installations. This saves a major chunk of their money.
  • Since it is a turnkey solution, you need not hire trainers or in-house maintenance experts to run the solution 24X7.

Most cloud telephony systems also come with an array of powerful calling features. So if you are a startup owner adopting cloud telephony systems, then you will have a competitive edge over businesses that have not adopted the same. 

For instance, Frejun comes with a bouquet of features. This includes integrations with workflow tools, Chrome extension, analytics and reporting, and call recording, to name a few. Such features can prove quite handy in the coming days. They will help startups personalize their client communication to a great extent and compete with the big players.

#2 It will play a major role in expanding your talent pool

We are in the midst of the ‘great resignation’. The future is also pretty bleak for companies when it comes to hiring and retention. Opportunities galore for candidates, and many of them are entering the world of freelance due to the flexibility it offers. To make matters worse, businesses are unable to expand their talent pool beyond their earmarked geographical boundaries due to multiple constraints. One such reason not to go beyond borders (while scouting for candidates) is the rising communication costs when employees are located in different parts of the world. 

Cloud telephony systems completely eliminate this issue. Since it works via the internet, all that your employees need is an active internet connection. The cost of all their calls is covered under the cloud telephony platform’s subscription fee. For instance, when you pick any plan of Frejun, your employees get to make and receive unlimited calls irrespective of their place of work. Businesses no longer have to break their bank to foot the telephone bills of their employees.

End result – businesses will be able to bring in talented candidates from any part of the world and avoid any sort of human capital shortage in the near future. 

#3 It will support a remote working model for existing employees

One silver lining of the pandemic was that it led many companies to embrace the remote working model. In all probability, the trend is likely to continue even in the future because not only is this model successful for businesses but is a big hit among employees as it is helping them balance their personal and professional lives. 

Despite its raging success, businesses did not expect a major roadblock – a lack of effective communication between employees and clients due to the unavailability of business telephones at home. Frequent outages and poor voice quality turned detrimental to their relationships with clients. 

As a direct consequence, some companies started calling employees back to the office, which wasn’t welcomed by many. Resignations became commonplace, and companies were losing employees quickly. 

This is where cloud telephony systems will help. It will substitute business phones and let your employees make calls from any device of their choice. The platform can also be integrated with a variety of workflow tools. This will ensure that the productivity of your employees is multiplied. 

#4 It will help businesses become truly ‘language-independent’

If you are a conglomerate or a multinational company, then the chances of people who speak different languages calling your business number are quite high. A conventional phone system can only help attend to such calls and nothing else. This makes it very cumbersome for employees and customers as there will be unnecessary rerouting of calls to the correct person, wasting everybody’s time. 

However, cloud telephony systems will prevent such a situation. They do this by providing multi-language support in their IVR solution. Customers can interact with your business straightaway in their native language, putting them at ease. Some cloud telephony systems can even automatically forward the call based on the language inputs of the customer. 

#5 It will keep your call data secure

The volume of call data generated every day will exponentially increase in the future. The dependence on these data will also be quite high. 

This means the number of things that can go wrong will rise. For instance, your data can fall into the wrong hands. We all have heard of several horror stories about companies shutting down their operations because sensitive customer information was leaked. Similarly, there can be a loss of important data during a major disaster. 

Cloud telephony systems will play an important role in keeping your call data secure as all your data is stored in the cloud.  This means your data remains unaffected, as there is always a backup of your data in another remote server in another region.

On top of it, most cloud telephony platforms offer military-grade security thanks to the powerful encryption techniques they adopt, which are almost impossible to decipher. The data in your cloud telephony system can only be accessed via multiple authentications by the authorized person.

So clearly, cloud telephony systems will be an asset when it comes to maintaining call data security. 


Whether rosy or rocky, the future is coming quickly, and cloud telephony will certainly be a key part of it. As cloud telephony systems evolve even further, the world will see new businesses sprouting that are not bound by geographical or linguistic boundaries. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large enterprise or a startup; embracing a cloud telephony system makes complete sense as it will help you survive and succeed in the competitive world. 

Looking to adopt a cloud telephony system for your business? Give FreJun a try by signing up for a free 7-day trial. 

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