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Why is a Virtual Number Beneficial for your Business?

why virtual number beneficial for your business

Every business requires a robust yet flexible communication system to run its operations. Cloud telephony provides several solutions to boost the business communication process and overcome challenges. A virtual number is one such solution. It connects you seamlessly with all your stakeholders by providing 24/7 connectivity from any remote location.

What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is a telephone number that is not tied to any traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or a landline. It is also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or access number. It uses the internet to connect to phone networks. The audio signal from the call breaks down into data. The data gets transmitted to the device that is connected to cloud. A call automation software then converts this data back into audio signals. The calls can be made and answered on any device that is connected to cloud like a mobile phone, a desk phone, a softphone etc., A virtual number can work as a gateway between traditional landline calls (PSTN) and VoIP.

Benefits of using a virtual number

Easy to set up and cost-effective

A virtual phone number system does not require any extensive hardware setup. All it needs is a stable broadband connection and a virtual phone system, to begin with. Therefore, no or very little expenditure is incurred on regular maintenance. Businesses can pay an inexpensive subscription fee to a service provider and get a virtual number for themselves. Moreover, the call charges for a virtual phone system are much less than traditional landline-calling system. Making long-distance calls through a virtual number is less expensive. Hence, it helps you save up on a lot of miscellaneous and overhead charges.

Provides flexibility and Increases productivity 

A virtual number is not tied to a desk phone hence provides flexibility to the team to make calls from anywhere at any time. It increases the productivity of the team and allows them to work remotely. 

Maintains professionalism 

A business’ virtual phone number is an integral part of its identity. It adds a professional touch to the business. A business can assign multiple virtual numbers to different departments like customer service, sales, Human resources etc. It also helps you keep your personal and professional life separate. The calls can be initiated using a virtual number without disclosing the personal mobile number of the team member. No client is lost even if a team member decides to leave the company as all the calls are made using company’s virtual number. 

Establishes local presence

A local number enhances the local presence by building ties with the community. It helps people associate with the brand and builds their trust in the business. Moreover, the customers are more likely to answer a call from a local number than an unfamiliar code. Companies can use different virtual numbers for other cities and gather region-specific call data. The data can be analyzed and used for keeping a track of the calling process.

Provides 24×7 connectivity 

A 24/7 customer support service has become the utmost necessity for any business to grow. Missing out on any call and losing a potential client can be devastating for a business. A virtual number automates the calling process and routes the call to the right destination. Since the number is not tied to a desk phone, the phone calls can be made and answered remotely. Hence, providing operational flexibility to carry out the communication process. This technology ensures that no call goes without being answered. It also provides a feature to forward calls to any other mobile device if a team member is busy. 

IVR Integration 

The virtual number can be integrated with IVR technology to automate the communication process. IVR is a cloud telephony feature. It uses a prerecorded message to greet incoming calls and route them through a predetermined flow. It reduces the wait time for both the callers and the company and improves overall efficiency. 

Offers additional features

The virtual phone number system includes a few additional features like call transcription, call forwarding, SMS and email notifications, advanced customized settings etc. It also provides simple extensions for team members and many more customized changes. You won’t get such features if you use your mobile phone number or landlines to initiate business calls.

In conclusion, a virtual phone number provides several features to amplify the quality of customer experience and business growth. Businesses can use these features by using virtual numbers to initiate business calls and increase the efficiency of the communication process. 

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