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Benefits of Using Virtual Number for Sales Calls

Benefits of Using Virtual Number for Sales Calls

When you have a business that is highly dependent on the outbound sales, you know the value of having an effective sales process. A good sales process is streamlined, simple, and scalable—and it helps your sales team maximize its time and resources so that you can focus on what matters most: closing deals.

But what if you could take this process one step further? What if there was a way to make your sales team more effective, efficient, and accessible?

That’s where the virtual number comes in.

In this article, we’ll talk about virtual numbers and how they can help you improve your sales calls.

What are virtual numbers?

A virtual number is a type of telephone number that exists only as an internet connection—it is not tied to any traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or landline. A virtual number can also be used to route calls to either the user’s actual phone or other lines.

The main purpose of a virtual number is to provide you with an alternate phone number that can be reached from anywhere in the world. These internet telephony numbers can be used for sales calls to represent the company’s office number, allowing customers to call you directly. 

With a virtual number, you can track the number of sales calls placed and the answer rate. They are also helpful when making cold calls because they allow you to screen your calls before picking up the phone.

6 ways in which a virtual number can help you in your sales calls

Virtual phone numbers help businesses centralize call management while ensuring a simple, secure, professional customer experience.

Here are six ways a virtual calling number or a web based telephony  can help you in your sales calls:

1. Providing a dedicated number for sales inquiries

When it comes to sales, customer experience is key. But you can’t provide a great customer experience if people have difficulty reaching you or getting through to the right person.

With a virtual phone number for sales calls, you can provide a dedicated number for customers to call with sales inquiries. 

When you give your customers a virtual number, they can call you directly. This ensures that all calls are routed to an individual who can answer questions and provide support, no matter where they are. 

Moreover, Virtual numbers make it possible to have a dedicated phone number that can be reached anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for companies that conduct international business or have clients all over the world.

2. Enabling call forwarding and routing

Virtual calling numbers can be used to forward calls to different team members or departments. You can also route calls based on the caller’s location or inquiry type. So if your team has a large territory to cover, or you’re working with clients in multiple locations, virtual numbers can help keep your sales staff connected—even when they’re out.

For example, when a customer calls your business on a standard number and cannot reach someone immediately, they may become frustrated and hang up before speaking with anyone. When this happens, you’ll lose out on an opportunity to sell them something—which means losing out on revenue!

But when you use a virtual office number from the best VoIP phone number provider the incoming calls will be automatically directed to the person who’s available at the time.

This can make it easier for customers to get in touch with someone who can help them solve their problems. It will also increase your customer satisfaction rate.

3. Facilitating remote work

Virtual phone numbers are ideal for sales reps who work remotely. It is also ideal if you need to make sales calls while on the go. This is because virtual numbers can be accessed from any device, anywhere. This makes them a convenient way to stay in touch with clients and prospects.

Moreover, internet phone numbers allow your reps to keep their personal phone numbers confidential. This is useful when communicating with clients and prospects over the phone.

4. Enhancing the professional image of the business.

Virtual numbers can help businesses establish a local presence in different markets. This is true even if they don’t have a physical location in those areas.

For example, you could set up a virtual phone number in San Francisco and then have it forward calls to your office in New York. When you give people your San Francisco-based virtual number, it will look like you’re physically located in San Francisco—and having a local number can help create the impression of being more professional.

Virtual numbers are designed to give customers the impression that the business is based locally and can be reached easily. They’re also helpful for businesses that want to create a more professional image than a landline number might provide.

5. Eliminates the expensive add-ons

Virtual office numbers can be used for free, and there are no hidden fees or add-ons. You only pay for the number itself. You don’t have to worry about long-distance charges or other additional costs that come with having a physical phone number.

6. Provides flexibility for CRM-based calls

When you are using a CRM, virtual numbers are easier to use. You can set up a virtual number to forward directly to your CRM, which will then route calls accordingly. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to managing sales and customer service calls.

You don’t have to worry about having your phone with you at all times, and you can still make calls through your computer or smartphone. 

You can directly place calls right from your CRM like Leadsquared, using the help of a Chrome extension. When you install the extension, you will see a caller icon after every number. With a single tap, you can make calls.

Wrapping up

Virtual phone numbers are a great way to save money on your business’s phone service. Moreover, it comes with an analytics and call recordings feature so that you can monitor and evaluate your sales team’s performance.

They’re also easy to set up and use, so there’s no reason not to have one. Virtual calling numbers are the way to go if you’re looking for a way to save money on your business’s phone service and still have the same number. You can use them as your primary number or a secondary option. Either way, they’ll help reduce costs and increase convenience for you and your customers.

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