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How To Make Sales Calls In India Using HubSpot?

how to make sales calls in india using hubspot

Sales calls are an integral part of any business. It introduces your products or services to prospects with the goal of converting them into customers. Getting these calls right in the first attempt is critical because they are a great way to leave a good impression on the prospect. Now, to captivate your prospects on sales calls, you need to tailor it in such a way that it revolves around the prospects and their pain points. And the best way to personalize a sales call is by collecting all the important information about the prospect and using them to drive the call. A tool that helps in achieving this is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. To the unversed, a CRM tool is a business software that helps in managing and supporting customer relationships. One of the most popular CRMs in India is HubSpot.

How can HubSpot help your business?

With HubSpot by your side, you can easily keep tabs on your sales team’s activities and get 360-degree sales intelligence on the current pipeline. The plethora of valuable insights offered by HubSpot helps in devising sales strategies and sharpening your sales process. 

HubSpot also helps your business function better together. Thanks to its integration with a myriad of productivity and communication tools, HubSpot takes care of the complete lifecycle of a customer right from the first sales call you make to handling their referrals after they become a loyal customer. Also, your data is in one centralized location. In other words, HubSpot plus these integrations turn into a single source of truth, which makes it extremely easy for your business to scale quickly as it shoots up productivity, avoids data inconsistencies, and prevents you from making expensive mistakes.

One such powerful HubSpot integration that lets you automate and personalize your sales call is FreJun. Now, before we dive deep and understand more about this potent collaboration, it is important to know why you should make sales calls directly from HubSpot.

Why make sales calls in India directly from HubSpot?

When you make calls directly from HubSpot, you can make sure that all the important details captured during the sales call need not be manually updated every time after the call ends.

Also, when your sales teams do not make calls directly from HubSpot, it can lead to a back-and-forth process, which, in turn, can drain your reps’ strength. Also, you do not want your reps to spend hours sifting through hundreds of tabs only to find a small piece of information about the prospect. When such things happen, it can lead to wastage of man-hours and a reduction in the overall productivity of your employees.

Also, if you are a sales manager, making calls directly from HubSpot enables you to measure the KPIs of your sales reps, such as call rates, amount of upselling efforts, conversion rates, etc. In short, it lets you monitor and analyze the capabilities of your sales rep and give them relevant feedback supplemented by quantifiable data.

And those are the main reasons why it is important to make your sales calls directly from HubSpot. Now, one of the easiest ways to make sales calls directly from HubSpot is by integrating it with a cloud telephony platform like FreJun. FreJun is a cloud telephony platform that makes sales calls seamless and device-agnostic. 

By combining these two platforms, you can tap into their powerful features and use them to multiply the success of your sales calls. 

Why should you integrate HubSpot with FreJun?

Here are the top benefits of integrating HubSpot with FreJun – 

  • Your sales reps’ lives become much easier thanks to a single platform for handling everything related to their sales calls. All their incoming and outgoing calls are logged under the prospect’s profile in HubSpot. As a sales manager, you can track the progress of the deal and make informed decisions. 
  • You get access to top call data such as call reasons, call volume, call outcomes, notes, etc., all of which are fed into the prospect’s HubSpot profile. When you club this data with call recordings (which again you get access to), you can effortlessly understand the call’s context and correct any mistakes for future calls. 
  • You can transform your sales calls into a device-independent process. Thanks to this integration, you can make high-quality calls with high pick-up rates directly from FreJun’s Android app. Behind the scenes, all your calls will be logged in HubSpot for future reference.

How to make sales calls directly from HubSpot?

Here are the different steps you need to follow to make calls directly from HubSpot – 

  1. Integrate HubSpot with FreJun. In other words, connect your FreJun account with your HubSpot account. 
  1. Download FreJun Chrome Dialup Plugin from Chrome Webstore.
  1. Add the extension to your Chrome browser and ensure that you have logged in to your FreJun account.
  1. Navigate to HubSpot and search for any contacts in your account. You will notice a green phone icon next to every number in HubSpot.
  1. Once you click on that icon, your call will be automatically connected to the prospect or customer. 

How to make your direct sales calls (from HubSpot) successful?

The first thing you must do is update HubSpot regularly. Remember this – A CRM is valuable ONLY if it provides correct data at the right time. In other words, the tool is pretty much useless if the data is not recent. But the onus is on you to keep the data current by updating HubSpot frequently. Once your customer or prospect changes their contact details (or any other detail), you must immediately update the platform. This greatly improves the call pickup rates and success of your sales calls. 

Secondly, you must train your team thoroughly. Even though HubSpot and FreJun can do wonders together, the final output is totally dependent on the people who use it. So train your team elaborately on how to use HubSpot, how to use FreJun, and how to use both the tools together. This way, they will know the ways to extract the complete benefits of both the tools individually and jointly. For instance, without training, your sales reps might know that they can feed the call reason and call outcomes after every call through a simple dropdown menu.


HubSpot can be a wonderful addition to your sales team. It has already carved a name for itself as a capable CRM tool. But with a powerful integration like FreJun, the capability of the tool multiplies leaps and bounds. It can transform into a one-stop solution to manage everything related to your sales calls. HubSpot + FreJun will help generate engaging conversations with all your prospects due to the massive amount of data you have in front of you. 

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