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Key things to know about VoIP for Recruiters

Communication is the backbone of recruitment. Good communication is what separates successful recruiters from the rest. It enables them to convey information about job openings and expectations clearly to the potential candidates. In recent years, a variety of technologies have surfaced that have facilitated effective communication among recruiters. One such powerful technology is VoIP for recruiters, which has helped them stay connected with the candidates, thus reducing frustrations among them. Now, before you start using VoIP for your recruitment needs, you must understand a few things about it. In this post, we will dive deep and understand all those aspects of VoIP. 

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a modern communication technology that generates digital signals from voice signals. This allows you to make calls from any device of your choice – smartphone, laptop, VoIP phone, tablet, etc. 

There are a variety of differences between VoIP and traditional landline phones. For starters, landline phones work via copper and optic fibers of PSTN, while calls in VoIP happen through the internet. The setting up and management of VoIP systems is way easier than your traditional landline phones as you don’t require any complex hardware or software for it. VoIP is scalable due to the same reason, which is more difficult in landline phones. Lastly, VoIP is completely device agnostic. 

What are the benefits of VoIP for recruiters?

There are multiple benefits of using VoIP for recruiters. Some of them include – 

#1 Cost-effective

Besides low installation costs, VoIP is extremely easy on your pockets as there is hardly any additional cost involved in making or receiving recruitment phone calls. All you need to do is pay for your internet connection. Along with that, you need to pay the licensing fees of your VoIP solution. Since the VoIP service providers maintain the software and hardware, you do not have to hire a dedicated person to manage and troubleshoot it, thus minimizing labor costs as well. 

#2 Device-agnostic

We are living in a post-pandemic world where work-from-home has become quite common. Recruiters who relied on business phones but ended up working from home had to struggle the most because they missed all the key features offered by a business phone in their smartphone. This issue was resolved by VoIP technology, as it can be used on any device of your choice without having to compromise on the advanced business phone features. In summary, thanks to VoIP, recruiters can make or receive calls anytime, anywhere.

#3 Better call quality

One of the biggest issues faced in recruitment calls is the negative impact of call quality. Many a time, key information about the job is lost in the call due to poor audio quality. This can affect the final outcomes of the recruitment process. There can be delays and even wrong hires due to miscommunication. VoIP offers a much better call quality than landline phones because of the HD voice and video call features it offers. In fact, it sounds like you are talking to the candidate in the same room. 

#4 Better decision-making

If you are a recruitment manager, then this is a very important feature. Many VoIP systems come equipped with a robust analytics engine that tracks all the key metrics of your recruitment calls. This gives you a 360-degree view of how your recruitment team is performing, what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, etc. You can use this valuable information to train your recruiters and make data-backed decisions.

Key Features of VoIP for Recruiters

Here are some key features of VoIP used by recruiters – 

  1. Make and receive calls over the internet

VoIP lets you make and receive calls over the internet instead of the traditional telephone lines. This is extremely beneficial because all that you need is an active internet connection to communicate with the candidates. You can be at your home, at the office, or even on a bus. The best part is your candidates can reach you at any time, thus improving their overall experience with your company and recruitment process. 

  1. Call routing

Though more beneficial for the sales team, call routing is an important feature of VoIP for recruiters. It is particularly useful when a recruiter is unavailable to pick up an important call. Thanks to call routing, this call will be automatically directed to another recruiter who can answer the questions of the caller. This eliminates unwanted call drops and dissatisfaction among candidates.  

  1. Autodialer

This is a very important feature of VoIP that has great use for recruiters who make a lot of outbound calls. The autodialer feature automatically dials numbers from a list you upload. It connects the recruiter only if one of the candidates picks up the call. This saves a lot of time for your recruiters as they no longer have to dial numbers manually, while trying to reach multiple candidates at the same time. 

  1. Integration with ATS

VoIP phone systems can also be integrated with your ATS tool. This ensures that you can dial a candidate directly from your ATS instead of using multiple tools to do the same. This can avoid manual errors as you do not have to input the candidate’s numbers manually after getting it from the ATS. 

  1. Call scheduling

Call scheduling is another critical feature of VoIP that is ideal for recruiters. Through this feature, you can schedule a call or interview with a candidate by selecting the date and time of the call. The VoIP system connects you with the candidate on the set date and time by automatically dialing their number. 

Best Practices for Using VoIP as a Recruiter

There are certain best practices you must follow as a recruiter while using VoIP. Following them will let you enjoy all the benefits of this technology = 

  1. Have a reliable and high-speed internet connection. This will ensure that the call quality is good to ensure that the information is conveyed accurately. 
  2. Purchase a good-quality headset, microphone, and webcam to enhance the quality of your VoIP calls even further. This will bolster your company’s image among the candidates. 
  3. Always have a plan B in place while scheduling calls. You never know when you will experience a technical snag in the equipment or an internet outage. 
  4. Sit in a quiet workspace whenever possible. This will ensure that your voice is clear to the candidate and there is no miscommunication due to noise. 
  5. Use the analytics feature of your VoIP system to track the performance of your recruiters. Find key areas of improvement and make necessary changes before it balloons into a bigger issue. 

Potential Challenges and Limitations of VoIP for Recruiters

The biggest challenge of using a VoIP system is its overdependence on the internet. If you have a poor internet connection, it can hugely impact the quality of your call. There may be call drops during crucial calls, which is not something you would want as a recruiter. Also, since most of the maintenance is handled by service providers, you need to pick a highly reliable solution with excellent support. This will ensure that you get instant resolution for any call issue. 


As you have seen in this post, VoIP offers a variety of benefits to recruiters, including cost savings, better communication, and improve flexibility. The advanced features offered by VoIP systems bolster your productivity and communication, two key characteristics of a good recruiter. Take advantage of these features and follow the best practices highlighted in the post to hire the right candidates for your organization. If you are looking for the best VoIP provider, your search ends with FreJun. We are a cloud telephony system tailored to the needs of a recruitment team. To learn more about FreJun, sign up for a free trial now. 

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