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How Cloud Telephony can Help Boost your Sales in 2023?

how cloud telephony can help boost your sales

The sales team is an integral part of every business. It is responsible for making sales, building, and maintaining healthy relationships with customers. The sales representatives have to make multiple sales calls every day, and more than half of their time goes into manual work. Cloud telephony can help boost your sales by organizing and streamlining these tasks. As a result, it has emerged as a game-changer in the world of modern sales. 

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a kind of business phone system that relies on the internet and advanced cloud technology to make and receive phone calls. Instead of physical phone equipment, cloud telephony systems uses state-of-the-art virtual phone lines and software to handle calls. The best part about cloud telephony is that it can be easily scaled to meet the changing needs of a business. It also results in significant cost savings as it does not require costly hardware or maintenance.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony for the sales team

Organized call recordings

It offers a call recording feature to record all incoming and outgoing calls. These recordings can be easily accessed and reviewed later in case of any doubt or confusion. All customer needs and suggestions can be recorded using this feature. The conversation with the potential customers can be tailored accordingly in the future. A proposal created based on the customer’s requirements helps you attract more prospects and thus improves the sales stats. It helps you generate more leads and close deals faster. 

Moreover, the call recordings can be used to train the new sales staff. They can listen to the recorded calls and find out where the mistakes have occurred and not repeat them in the future. 

Never miss a lead

Missing a call means missing a lead. Cloud phones help you keep track of all incoming & outgoing calls and notifies you of the missed calls. The sales team can then follow up on the missed ones using Click-To-Call and Auto-Dial feature to avoid delay. The sales staff can act swiftly only if they get the information of all missed calls. Any delay can result in the customer switching to the competitor’s product. 

All data in one place

Cloud-based phone system keeps track of all interactions with the customers and potential customers and logs them in a single place. It offers integration with various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms and allows you to make and log calls within your system. It saves the team time as they don’t have to rotate between different applications to make calls. This way, the salespeople can have all the information they need on their dashboard while making or answering calls. 

Offers 24/7 connectivity

It provides the business with virtual numbers to connect with the customers in a specific market. A virtual number represents the entire business and gives it a professional touch. The company can assign separate local virtual numbers to its sales team and help them stay connected to the customers 24/7. The customers want the salespeople to be highly responsive and answer their queries as quickly as possible. This round-the-clock availability builds customer trust and increases the business’s credibility. Moreover, the prospects are more likely to answer calls from a local number than an unfamiliar one. This helps in generating more leads and multiplies sales.

Provides easy flexibility and scalability 

It provides Flexibility to the sales representatives to work remotely using their mobile phones. All they need is a stable broadband connection and the log-in details, and they are good to go. They have access to all the cloud telephony features no matter where they are present. A flexible working environment increases the team’s productivity and helps them work more efficiently. 

Cloud telephony makes scaling up super smooth and simple. Moreover, it allows the managers to add new team members easily without any hassle. 

Monitor your team’s performance 

It provides detailed call analytics to the managers that give them insights into the team’s activity even if the team’s operating remotely. These daily reports can be used to monitor and measure the sales team’s performance. The managers can easily find which part of the sales process is working and which can be improved. Thus, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the team.

Creates smooth customer experience 

The sales team is the direct link between the company’s product or service and its customers. Cloud-based phone system helps in creating a smooth customer experience. It makes the interaction effortless and friendlier. It’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature routes the caller to the right sales agent based on their response and helps them resolve their queries. Sometimes the callers get their queries resolved without even having to talk to the sales agent directly. It saves the time of both the caller and the sales representative. It also makes the customer feel valued and builds their trust, and increases the chances of conversion. 

A cloud-based phone system streamlines the sales calls and provides flexibility to the salespeople. It shortens the sales cycle and helps provide a smooth customer journey. It is the most efficient way to automate your sales calls. Cloud telephony can highly benefit the sales department and serves as an important conversion tool.

FreJun‘s cloud telephony system offers several features to automate your sales calls and make your sales team more efficient. You can try FreJun for 7 days for free and see if it’s the right fit for your business.


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