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Tips to Master Sales Calling using Hubspot

tips to master sales calling using hubspot

Calls are undoubtedly the bread and butter of sales folks. If you are a salesperson, then it’s hard to imagine a day without attending at least one sales call. For some, it might be a breezy affair. But for the rest, it is tough. The people in the second bucket often fail in sales calls not because they don’t know how to communicate; it’s because they don’t know how to extract or use the information they have to tilt the call in their favor. In other words, they are not using their CRM to its fullest extent while making these calls.  In this post, we will look into the different tips to nail your sales calling using HubSpot – a popular CRM.

4 Tips to Master Sales Calling using Hubspot

#1 Integrate HubSpot with a cloud telephony tool

There was a time when reps had to search for a prospect’s contact information in HubSpot and then dial it manually on their business phone. This not only wasted their time but also made it a cumbersome activity to use two different devices for making a call. 

By integrating HubSpot with a cloud telephony tool like FreJun, one can make calls directly from it. 


As you can see in the above screenshot, a green phone icon appears on your HubSpot interface against every phone number after integrating with FreJun. Clicking on it will directly connect you with the prospect or the customer. 

Apart from the convenience it offers, you also enjoy the benefit of improved pickup rates. All FreJun calls are Google and Truecaller verified calls, thus ensuring that most do not ignore your calls.

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#2 Update your CRM data regularly

It cannot get as basic as this. A CRM filled with outdated or wrong information is nothing but a recipe for disaster. For starters, your reps are going to waste their precious time dialing the wrong numbers multiple times if the contact information is not updated. 

Similarly, if any other prospect information is not updated and your reps use it during the next call, it can go against your business. For instance, one of your reps (say Rep A) failed to update a particular feature request made Customer. During the next call, Rep A is on leave, and he is substituted by Rep B. Now Rep B ends up completely ignoring the feature request made by the customer in the previous call and ends up talking about something else during this call. This will make the customer unhappy, who will go ahead and make a deal with your competitor. To avoid such events, always update your CRM. 

Pro Tip: Remove all those contacts who haven’t picked up your phone call at least three times continuously. In all probability, they have either changed their number or not using this anymore. 

#3 Track everything 

The importance of tracking can never be undermined in the world of sales. As a sales manager, you need to know everything around your sales calls, right from the call volumes to call outcomes. This information will help you course correct and train your reps to get better at conversions. 

A CRM like HubSpot will not be individually capable of recording all this call information. But post integration with FreJun, all these details are automatically captured and stored. As a manager, you will even receive frequent reports showing how these metrics are evolving as days pass by.

#4 Automate calls

Most of the errors that you see on a daily basis are caused by humans. You will also see that 9 out of 10 times, the error happened because a task was done manually. This is applicable even for calls. Common mistakes in sales calls include talking to the wrong person, not scheduling calls, and not personalizing the solutions, to name a few. Most of these errors can be avoided by embracing automation. 

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For instance, you can effortlessly schedule calls in FreJun so that you are connected to the person automatically at the scheduled time. You do not have to worry about sending reminders or keeping track of the call time. 

Similarly, auto-dial is another popular automation feature. This feature is quite helpful if your reps make multiple calls in a day as it automatically dials multiple numbers in the CRM and connects you only if a contact picks up the call. 

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Wrapping up

If sales calls from HubSpot often send you into a cold sweat, you’re not alone. As long as you have the right strategies in place, you’ll do just fine. Start by following the simple tips highlighted in this post that can help you master sales calling using HubSpot in no time.  Then continuously test different strategies and find out what works best for you. Apart from that, you can integrate HubSpot with FreJun to extract the best out of the CRM. Get access to world-class features like auto-dial, analytics, reports, call scheduling, etc. Start your 7-day free trial with FreJun now.

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How to be good at my sales calls?

The best way to be good at your sales calls is by using the power of technology. Use a CRM like HubSpot and a cloud telephony tool like FreJun to master the art of sales calling.

What are the four types of sales calls?

The 4 types of sales calls are cold calls, warm calls, sales appointment calls, and follow up calls.

How do I make a sales call productive using Hubspot?

There are two ways to make it productive. One by updating HubSpot regularly. Two, by connecting it with a powerful cloud telephony solution like FreJun to automate your calling needs.

What are the effective ways to master your follow-up sales call?

Use the valuable insights offered by a converation intelligence tool like FreJun to tailor your conversations according to the customer requirements. This will ensure that your follow-up calls are successful and you convert them.

Am I able to automatically capture call logs using Hubspot CRM?

No. You need the help of FreJun to automatically record and log all calls.

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