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HubSpot Calling In India: Frequently Asked Questions

HubSpot calling in India

As the popularity of HubSpot continues to grow, many sales leaders and businesses in India are keen to explore the capabilities of HubSpot for their sales needs. However, with this excitement comes a myriad of questions. To shed light on the topic and provide clarity to our readers, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to answer the frequently asked questions about HubSpot calling India. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing pro or just beginning to dip your toes into the world of HubSpot, this blog aims to address your queries and help you understand how to make and receive calls in HubSpot. 

How to make calls through HubSpot?

In HubSpot, there are three ways to make calls. The first option is to use a phone number provided by HubSpot. The second option is to register your own outbound phone number. The last option is to integrate with a third-party calling service like FreJun. 

Use a phone number provided by HubSpot

A HubSpot-provided phone number lets you make outbound calls from your personal device. You can obtain a HubSpot-provided phone number and assign it to a team member, if you are a super-admin. You can also acquire the number and reassign it whenever you want. 

HubSpot-provided phone numbers are generated through Twilio and must adhere to country-specific regulations. 

Register your outbound phone number

This method allows you to place outgoing calls to your contacts, with your caller ID appearing on their device when they receive your call. When you register an outbound phone number in HubSpot, the ownership of that number remains with you. However, you can solely use this registered number for making outbound calls through HubSpot. This process is specific to each user. Even though multiple users within your account can use the same registered phone number, each user must complete the registration individually. 

Integrate with FreJun

This method is probably the easiest and most effective for handling HubSpot calling in India. FreJun is a cloud telephony software that offers plug-and-play integration with HubSpot. This means once you integrate the two tools, you can make outbound calls directly from the Hubspot dashboard with a single click. A call button will be shown next to every contact in HubSpot. Clicking on it will instantly initiate a call with that person.

A screenshot of a contact management system displaying a list of contacts. The table includes columns for name, email, and phone number. Each row represents a different contact, showing their respective details. There are options at the top to filter by all contacts, my contacts, unassigned contacts, and a specific view called "Feb (phone Number...". There are checkboxes beside each contact for selection, and a search bar at the top for finding contacts by name, phone, or email. Each phone number has a green call icon next to it. The contacts listed include Theresa Webb, Leslie Alexander, Bessie Cooper, Wade Warren, Esther Howard, and Marvin McKinney.

How to handle inbound calls in Hubspot?

It is possible to handle inbound calls directly within Hubspot. This eliminates the need to transfer the call to a mobile device. To answer an inbound call, you need to click on ‘Accept’ to answer the call, either from the Call Remote dialogue box or the Call tab page. Once connected, you will see a green flashing circle next to the inbound calling icon or a red circle on the Call tab page, indicating the call’s status. If you navigate to the Call tab page, a green banner will appear, signifying an active call in progress.

Alternatively, you can manage inbound calls directly from the FreJun dashboard. All your incoming calls will be automatically logged and fed into HubSpot CRM. This ensures that there is always a single source of truth for all your call-related data. 

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How to handle the Hubspot call queue?

HubSpot’s call queue feature was retired on July 10, 2017. The call queue was started with the aim of enhancing the efficiency and concentration of the reps. However, the feature falls in short of flexibility. It can obviously handle calls quickly but not other essential tasks such as follow-ups and mapping to specific deals. And that’s why the call queue was replaced by task queues. Think of it as a customised playlist for your tasks. All you need to do is create a task queue for a specific category of to-dos, whether it’s categorised by time zone, territory, priority, or any other criteria you prefer. Populate your queue with tasks, hit play, and work through your to-do list seamlessly. It’s as straightforward as that. With task queues, you can seamlessly tackle emails and other essential tasks alongside your calls.

How to handle Hubspot calls from the browser?

The easiest way to handle Hubspot calls from your browser is by integrating with FreJun. After successful integration, a call icon will appear against every contact on your HubSpot dashboard. Clicking on it will let you make calls directly from your browser. The best part is all all the incoming calls will get logged under the contact’s activity for easy access and review later.

How does the HubSpot calling feature in India work?

HubSpot’s calling feature is available to all users in India. HubSpot provides calling features as part of its Sales Hub and Service Hub offerings. To use HubSpot’s calling features in India, you would typically need a subscription to one of these HubSpot hubs. You also need to have a registered phone number within HubSpot. These numbers can be used for making outbound calls to contacts. Lastly, you need to integrate with FreJun to facilitate phone call functionality. FreJun is responsible for routing calls and managing phone numbers. HubSpot users may not need to interact directly with FreJun. Instead, HubSpot handles the integration seamlessly.


HubSpot’s calling features offer a powerful way to streamline your outreach efforts in India. With the ability to make and receive calls, log interactions, and manage tasks seamlessly, HubSpot empowers sales professionals to build meaningful relationships and drive growth. Once you have integrated HubSpot with FreJun, handling calls becomes a breezy affair.

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