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Top 11 Dialer Software Solutions for Small Businesses in 2023

Dialer Software Solutions for Small Businesses

Effective communication is important for small businesses to thrive in the cutthroat business world. And whenever we talk about business communication, one of the first things that come to our mind is a dialer software solution. Business owners know that a reliable dialer software solution can be the difference between growth and stagnation in sales. Now the good thing is the market is flooded with dialer software solutions for small businesses. However, this makes it very difficult to select the perfect one for your business. To help you make an informed decision, we will look into the 11 best dialer software solutions for small businesses in 2023 now.

1. FreJun

FreJun website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Frejun is a popular cloud telephony software tool that comes loaded with a powerful auto dialer feature. This feature drastically improves the efficiency of your associates by automatically dialling numbers from a list. This platform has been carefully designed keeping in mind the needs and limitations of small businesses. It has an intuitive interface that ensures that anyone even with basic knowledge about dialers can operate it without training. 

Other Key Features: Virtual number, Click to Call, Call Routing, Call Transcript, Voice Broadcast, Report & Analytics, AI insights, and Integrations with CRMs.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at ₹1,299. The Autodialer feature is offered in the ₹1,699 plan.

G2 Review: 4.9 out of 5

2. Talkdesk

Talkdesk website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Talkdesk is an AI-powered cloud contact centre solution that offers an intelligent Predictive Dialer feature. Using this, you can automatically adjust the dialling rate according to the availability of the agents. Its capable predictive algorithm can even predict how much time an agent will need before answering a new call. You can upload contact easily through a CSV upload or from integrated CRMs. You can even pull data from other systems through API.

Other Key Features: Campaign Management, Advanced Reporting, Branded & Verified calling, Automated Notification, and Salesforce Integration

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $75/month. You need to purchase the Proactive Outbound Engagement as an add-on for using their Dialer feature.

G2 Review: 4.4 out of 5

3. Five9

Five9 website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Five9 is a call centre software that helps businesses establish long-lasting relationships with customers and prospects by delivering better customer service. Besides improving the overall agility of your business, Five9 also offers a great dialer solution tailored for small businesses. It offers different types of dialers such as Predictive Dialer (predicts agent availability and adjusts dial rate),  Progressive Dialer (controls the dialling rate based on campaign performance), and Power Dialer (automatically adjusts dialling rate based on abandon rates).

Other Key Features: Reporting & Analytics, Agent Desktop, Geo Redundancy, Recording, Multi-Channel Support, and Blended Inbound/Outbound. 

Pricing: The most basic plan with a Dialer feature costs $149/mo. 

G2 Review: 4.0 out of 5

4. RingCentral

RingCentral website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

RingCentral is a holistic communication platform, that works by uniting all your conversations in one platform. It offers a dynamic dialer feature perfect for small businesses. It offers three types of dialers viz. Progressive Dialer, Predictive Dialer, and Preview Dialer. The platform is suitable for call centres and businesses that are looking to manage leads more efficiently. There is also the TCPA Safe Dial feature, which is nothing but your regular dialer with built-in compliance support.

Other Key Features: Reports and analytics, Call recording, Call Blending, IVR, Inbound Routing, and Voice Broadcast

Pricing: Contact the RingCentral team for pricing details. 

G2 Review: 3.9 out of 5

5. Convolo

Convolo website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Convolo is an AI-based communication software with a robust dialer feature. It is ideal for small businesses looking to improve their returns on outbound campaigns. The brand claims that its dealer feature could boost your agent’s productivity by 5 times as it can dial over 100+ contacts every hour. Sales managers can quickly create campaigns, assign agents, and set up call cadences to have full control over when to call and how long to wait between calls. You can import contacts in bulk from a spreadsheet or CRM software.

Other Key Features: Import Contacts, Local Caller ID, Call Cadence, Integration with CRM, and Results Tracking. 

Pricing: Contact the Convolo team for pricing details. 

G2 Review: Not rated

6. DeepCall

DeepCall website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

DeepCall is a cloud telephony solution crafted for small businesses operating in remote working environments. Its auto-dialer feature eliminates all the repetitive and error-prone tasks involved in dialling numbers manually. It offers different types of dialers, each focusing on different use cases. To make the lives of the agents even better, this tool enables them to take notes during the call and map the note to the respective contact. 

Other Key Features: Real-time Call Monitoring, Callback Scheduling, Call Recording, Contact List Management, and Interactive Dashboard.

Pricing: Contact the DeepCall team for pricing details.

G2 Review: Not rated

7. CallHub

CallHub website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

CallHub is a smart communication software that provides two types of autodialers to its users. One is the Power dialer, where the agents would be given important details about the contact before a call to have a meaningful conversation. Agents can also take notes, update fields and set dispositions. The other one is the Predictive Dialer where numbers will be dialled one after the other based on agents’ answer rates and availability.

Features: Branching Scripts, Call Recording, Automatic Callbacks Scheduler, Follow-Up With Texts, and Phone Number Verification. 

Pricing: The starting price is $0.131 per minute

G2 Review: 4.8 out of 5

8. Voicent

Voicent website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Voicent has been around in the industry for several years now and provides services like inbound and outbound voice, text, email, and a powerful dialer tool. The tool is extremely easy to use and you can create outbound campaigns in minutes. All that you need to do is set call volume, and pick a dialer type among Progressive, Preview, Manual, and Predictive. The associate can take notes, edit contacts, and do a lot more in the unified dashboard offered by this tool.

Features: Automatic Time Zone Adjustment, Dedicated Dashboard, Built-in CRM, Click to Call, and Call Back Scheduling. 

Pricing: The most basic plan costs $19 per agent per month. 

G2 Review: Not rated

9. ContactSPACE

ContactSPACE website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

ContactSPACE is a fully customizable, workflow-driven contact centre software. The platform offers four different types of dialers –  Predictive dialer, Progressive dialer, Preview dialer, and Power dialer. They also have a simple manual dialer for all those agents who like to have complete control over their dialling strategy. The agility and efficiency offered by this platform to agents and associates make it a great choice for small businesses looking to scale quickly. 

Features: Call Recording, Voice Analytics, Reporting, CRM Integration, Dashboards, and Call Time Optimization. 

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $105 per user per month. 

G2 Review: 4.5 out of 5

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10. Teleforce

Teleforce website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Teleforce is a home-grown communication platform that offers voice, meet, mail, chat, SMS, and CRM services for enterprises. It has a robust auto dialer feature that automates your outbound calls and boosts the productivity of your agents and associates. It is basically a progressive that allows your agents to attend calls from different campaigns based on the campaign pace. The associates no longer have to dial numbers manually. They can instead spend the time preparing for the call.  

Features: DND filtering, Live Analytics and Dashboard, Upload Phonebook, Records, Campaign Logs, Agent Summary.

Pricing: Contact the Teleforce team for pricing details. 

G2 Review: Not rated

11. Phoneburner

Phoneburner website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

PhoneBurner makes your outreach scalable and affordable thanks to its smart power dialer feature. It improves your agents’ call rates without compromising on the call quality. It offers delay-free connection with your customers and leads to drive conversion, callbacks, and engagement. You will get a complete picture of your agent’s performance and activities to make a data-driven decision every time. 

Features: Call Monitoring, 1-Click Voicemails, Branded Caller ID, Lead Distribution, Smart Call Lists, Reports & Analytics, and Workflow Automation

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $149/mo

G2 Review: 4.7 out of 5 

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Gone are the days when your agents and associates had to manually dial numbers to contact leads. Today, thanks to dialer software solutions, your agents’ productivity has multiplied as the entire process of manually dialling numbers is eliminated. The above 11 dialer software solutions for small businesses are changing the entire landscape of outbound campaigns, making it easier for you to thrive in the competitive space. 

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