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Top 11 Call Monitoring Software For The Sales Team

Call monitoring software

Let’s face it – your sales teams need every tool at their disposal to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. As a business owner or a sales leader, it is your responsibility to equip them with these tools and help them achieve their sales target. One such powerful tool that you can consider is call monitoring software. This software helps in identifying areas for improvement and provides targeted coaching to your team members, thereby ensuring that they are always delivering the best possible outcome for your organization. In this post, let us take you through the top 11 call monitoring software that you can adopt in 2023. But first some basics.

Top 11 call monitoring software for the sales team

The market is inundated with call monitoring software, making it very difficult to choose one for your business. To cut you some slack and navigate the options, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 call monitoring software solutions for sales teams. 

1) FreJun

FreJun is the best call monitoring software available today. It records all your customer interactions and uses artificial intelligence to come up with meaningful insights that you can use for better decision-making. It is packed with features and offers plug & play integration with many CRMs like Pipedrive and HubSpot. This ensures that all your call data is automatically synced with your customer accounts in CRM. With FreJun, you can effortlessly review calls and identify areas for improvement in your sales efforts

Key Features – Integration with top CRMs and ATSs, call recording, reports and analytics, AI insights, and call transcripts.

Pricing –  The most basic plan starts at ₹ 1,299.

G2 Review4.9 out of 5

2) Nextiva

Nextiva is another popular call monitoring tool that you can consider. It offers several unique features in the call monitoring department to help you make more informed decisions. It is one of the few tools that offer real-time suggestions during the conversation. This will enable you and your team to solve customer problems faster. You will also get real-time alerts based on conversations so that you can act when the iron is hot. 

Key Features – Customer experience score, automatic conversation analysis, smart recommendations, and intelligent automation. 

Pricing – The most basic plan starts at $18.95 per user per month.

G2 Ratings 4.4 out of 5

3) Aircall

Aircall makes the entire process of call monitoring quite seamless and easy. It is the only tool you need if your goal is to correct agent mistakes and improve your call outcomes in a short span. Thanks to Aircall’s call monitoring call monitoring capability, your agents can offer the best possible experience to customers. They can also handpick calls that need to be monitored directly from their live feed. 

Key Features – Call whispering, call centre analytics, activity feed, and integration with top CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce. 

Pricing – The most basic plan starts at $30 per user per month

G2 Ratings 4.3 out of 5

4) Vonage

Vonage is a full-fledged communication software that also comes with a call monitoring app. This app can be requested from its marketplace. The app lets you monitor any extension from any device of your choice. You also get three modes while monitoring viz. Monitor, Whisper, and Barge. The Whisper mode lets you whisper to the monitored user while Barge mode enables you to have a three-way call. Shifting between these modes can be done with a simple keystroke. 

Key Features – Since it is a separate app, you only get call monitoring modes as a feature. But Vonage as a tool has several features like auto logging, a unified dashboard, screen sharing, and a conversation analyzer.

Pricing – The call monitoring app costs $50 per month. 

G2 Ratings4.3 out of 5

5) Kixie

Kixie is a platform that combines sales engagement, call coaching, and call monitoring capabilities. The platform is well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve the efficiency of their employees through tracking and analyzing sales calls. Managers using the platform have four options while monitoring calls viz. Listen, Speak, Whisper, and Exit. This lets you give instant feedback during calls so that your associates can implement it right away. 

Key Features – Besides the call monitoring feature, Kixie comes with reporting and analytics a dedicated mobile app.

Pricing – The most basic plan starts at $35 per user per month when billed quarterly

G2 Ratings –  4.6 out of 5

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6) Dialpad

DialPad is a cloud-based and AI-powered communication solution that can be scaled according to your business needs. Dialpad’s call monitoring features help you close deals more efficiently by offering a better understanding of the conversation between the prospect and the associates. The UI of Dialpad is its USP as it is quite beginner-friendly. You and your team can start using the software from day one without the need for any training. 

Key Features – Call listening, call barging, call recording, call history, live metrics, real-time assistance, and call whispering. 

Pricing – The most basic plan starts at $15 per user per month.

G2 Ratings – 4.4 out of 5

7) CallHippo

CallHippo lets you monitor calls in real-time and track agents’ performance accurately. With this tool, you will also be able to confirm that every call is compliant with your organization’s rules. Once you have identified gaps in the agent’s performance, you can also use it to create dedicated training sessions to address them. The insights offered by CallHippo are quite deep and can help you understand the needs of your customers better.

Key Features –  Live call monitoring, call barging, call recording, call whispering, feedback for calls, intelligent reports, and analytics. 

Pricing – The most basic plan starts at ₹1300 per user per month. 

G2 Ratings – 4.3 out of 5

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8) CloudTalk

CloudTalk is another communication software that works in tandem with your CRM. It helps in cultivating smarter teams and gaining more control over your sales process. Its call monitoring feature captures key insights about your customers’ needs and helps you make informed decisions. There are multiple modes in CloudTalk’s call monitoring feature – ‘Listen to call’ where the manager can just listen to the call, ‘Talk to agent’ where the manager can talk just to the agent, and ‘Talk to both’ where the manager can join a 3-way conversation. 

Key Features –  Call recording, call statistics, call monitoring, agent reporting, real-time dashboard, emotion analytics, and custom reporting.

Pricing – The most basic plan costs $25 per user per month. 

G2 Ratings – 4.3 out of 5

9) Dialfire

Dialfire is a call centre solution that helps in streamlining both inbound and outbound calls. Its call monitoring features in particular are used by many organizations to optimize their sales call strategy. Users can either silently listen to calls or even send a message to the associate. The best part about this tool is that you can record the sales calls as part of a standard workflow or even record manually by clicking a button. 

Key Features –  Besides call monitoring, you also get access to features like real-time analytics, on-the-fly reports, data import and export, and Webhooks.

Pricing – Contact the Dialfire team for pricing details.

G2 Ratings – 4.3 out of 5

10) is a popular CRM-enabled communication platform that has been carefully designed to support sales teams. As a sales manager, this tool lets you monitor your associates’ calling activities in real-time including who is the one to call, how many members are taking calls, how many inbound callers are there in the queue, and so on. The rich insights provided by this call monitoring tool will help you coach your sales associates and improve their productivity. Besides listening to live calls, you can also track various productivity and customer service metrics through this tool.

Key Features –  Chrome extension, call logging, call recording, live call monitoring, RingInsights, call whisper, and call disposition. 

Pricing – The most basic plan costs $69 per user per month. 

G2 Ratings – 4.4 out of 5

11) CloudCall

The last tool on our list is CloudCall which is a cloud-based business phone system that offers a variety of communication and coaching features including call monitoring. With CloudCall, you will get a better picture of how your associates are performing on calls. You can quickly identify improvement areas as you can listen to your team’s live calls. You will also be able to offer a helping hand during the call if any associate needs it. 

Key Features –  Whisper, monitor, barge, reporting, CRM integration, real-time call coach, and call recording. 

Pricing – The most basic plan costs $15 per user per month. 

G2 Ratings – 4 out of 5

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Call monitoring software can be n asset for sales teams to enhance their communication skills, monitor and analyze their performance, and ultimately drive sales. The 11 call monitoring software discussed in this post are some of the best in the market and can help you gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. You will be able to optimize your sales processes and enhance your team’s overall productivity within a short span.

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