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Importance of Call Recording System In Contact Centers

Importance of Call Recording System in Contact Centers

If you run a contact center or own one, you would know customer conversations are a goldmine of information. They can result in new product developments or even highlight core issues in the product. In other words, they are the perfect tool to improve customer experience. 

As your contact center grows and the number of conversations your agents have on a daily basis increases, it becomes a daunting task to capture all the valuable insights from the calls. This is where a call recording system helps as it captures all your contact center’s customer interactions and helps in driving business outcomes. 

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In this post, we will look at all the key benefits of a call recording system in a contact center. 

What is a call recording system?

As the name suggests, a call recording system is a business software that records voice conversations over an audio source like a phone. In a contact center, it is used to record every conversation between an agent and a call to meet a variety of purposes. This software helps to store, retrieve, and evaluate recorded calls according to business needs. Sometimes, call recording is also called voice recording or phone recording. Certain advanced call recording software also offer services like transcription and note-taking. 

Interestingly, a call recording system is an integral part of a contact center’s quality management process. Supervisors and managers use the call recording system to analyze the calls and determine if the agents are 

  • Conversing according to pre-established call flows
  • Building rapport with the calls
  • Grabbing upselling and cross-selling opportunities whenever available
  • Controlling the calls
  • Offering accurate answers to the questions asked by the caller

The singular motive of a call recording system is to improve the caller experience.

Benefits of Call Recording for Today’s Call Centers

Here are the top reasons why you must record calls in your call centers – 

#1 Revisit missed information

This is the simplest and most obvious benefit of call recording. As highlighted in the post, when your contact center scales up and the number of incoming calls exponentially surges, there are high chances of your agents missing out on key information about the call. But when you use a call recording system, you will get access to recording archives that give you an exact reference for your past interactions. It could be anything from client contact information to key objections. 

Let us consider a simple example. 

During a call, your customer requests a particular feature addition to the product. However, your agent missed the precise details about the feature and conveyed incorrect information to the developers. This resulted in customer dissatisfaction, wastage of time, and wastage of resources. On the other hand, if there was a call recording, either your agent could have revisited the call to confirm the details or simply shared the call recording with the development team so that there is no loss of information. 

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#2 Maintain professionalism

Every interaction between your agent and customer is critical. You need to achieve high standards of professionalism in each and every call to be successful.  Your agent has to maintain phone etiquette, treat the customer respectfully, communicate clearly, and converse in a pleasant tone. Most importantly, they must be able to answer all the customer questions clearly. Any minor deviation from this expected behavior can result in customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales.

As a manager or a contact center owner, the only way you can maintain this professionalism is by recording the calls and listening to them. Of course, you can always surprise an agent by listening to a call in real time, but that’s not practical for every call. Also, the agent might start putting forward their best behavior if they know that their call is being monitored. 

A call recording system will record the calls automatically and lets you analyze them at your will. This way, you will know who is maintaining professionalism and who is not. 

#3 Onboarding and training

This is a given. The data collected from call recordings can be used to provide better training to the contact center agents. For instance, there could be some top performers in your contact center who are consistently doing a good job. You can share the call recordings of those contact center agents with the rest of the team for them to understand what those agents did right. The vice versa can also happen. You can use the call recordings of some failed calls to highlight what went wrong and how it can be avoided in the future.

#4 To protect you in disputes

When you record calls, you create information to protect yourself in case something goes wrong. Even the best companies end up getting complaints and tangled in legal cases. Any customer can come up and say that your contact center has done something inappropriate. When that happens, you can go back and listen to the recording to check whether it’s true or not. 

Consider a hypothetical situation where customer A files a legal complaint against your agent for some rude remarks he made in a call. The agent’s contact center is responsible for paying a hefty fine for his unprofessional behavior. However, the agent claims that he never made any rude remarks. This is where the call recordings can be used to verify the agent’s claims. You can use it as solid evidence to fight the legal battle against the complainant. 

Top call recording software in 2022

Here are the top call recording software you can consider adopting in 2022 – 

1. FreJun

FreJun is the best call recording software in 2022 and justifies this claim to a great extent. For starters, the tool is not just a call recording platform. It comes with an array of other features that makes your life as a contact center manager or agent seamless. FreJun can be integrated with a variety of CRMs like HubSpot, PipeDrive, and Zoho, thereby ensuring that your contact center agents always have customer data at their fingertips. Thanks to its powerful AI engine, you get access to plenty of call insights that you can use for making better decisions in your contact center. 

2. Nextiva

Nextiva is a VoIP-based communication and collaboration software that offers call recordings as one of its key features. All calls recorded via Nextiva are saved in the cloud, eliminating the need to purchase expensive hardware and software. And you can turn on the recording option in your Nextiva dashboard with a single click.

3. RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud-based communication platform that records all your contact center’s calls among its various capabilities. The best part about RingCentral is that it can record both inbound and outbound calls automatically. The platform lets you save as many as 100,000 call recordings per account. You can download and playback all the recordings up to 90 days after creation.

4. 8X8

8X8 is a dedicated contact center tool that comes packed with AI-powered workflows for every interaction. It lets you effortlessly capture all your customer recordings and retrieve them anytime for training and compliance purposes. The tool is very flexible when it comes to the storage of call recordings. You can either store them on your desktop or in a Dropbox account or keep them in the cloud of 8X8.

5. CallRail

CallRail is considered primarily to be a marketing analytics and call-tracking platform that is used by businesses worldwide for driving inbound leads. The tool also comes out of the box with a capable call-recording system that records and stores both your inbound and outbound calls. This way, you can revisit your customer needs and assess the quality of your campaigns so you know where to invest your money. Every call recording is available either in your call log or in your inbox, as you get an email notification after the call ends.

Frequently Asked Questions – Call recording System

  1. Why is call recording important?

Call recording is important because it helps in revisiting past or missed information, onboarding and training, as well as protecting you from any disputes.

  1. What is call recording in the contact center?

Call recording is the process of capturing every inbound and outbound call that happens between a contact center agent and a customer.

  1. How does a call recording system works in the BPO industry?

A call recording system automatically records all the calls and stores it in the cloud. This way, agents, managers, and business owners can access the recordings for future purposes.

  1. What are the benefits of call recording?

The top benefits of call recording include revisiting missed information, maintaining professionalism, onboarding and training, and protecting you in a dispute.

  1. What is the future of the call center?

The future of call centers will be complete automation and a total focus on customer satisfaction. Customers will be satisfied consistently as agents will have access to all the key information they need during a call. Also, training and onboarding will be personalized, which will help them further perfect calls.

  1. How can a call center improve customer satisfaction?

The easiest way to improve customer satisfaction in a call center is by adopting a cloud telephony platform like FreJun that offers a variety of features like call recording, autodial, and integrations.

  1. What should onboarding training include?

Onboarding and training should always include past call recordings of successful agents. It will help the new agents understand how to handle different kinds of situations and what’s the best way to solve customer queries.

  1. How do I improve quality assurance in a call center?

The simplest way to improve quality assurance in a call center is by adopting a call recording system like FreJun. It will help you maintain consistent quality in all the calls without any exceptions.

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