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8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Cloud Telephony Provider

Factors To Check Before Choosing Cloud Telephony Services

Businesses globally have not only started shifting their resources to the cloud but also started adopting cloud communications in the form of cloud telephony. The results are quite promising as they are pushing their boundaries and acquiring more customers like never before. From reducing upfront infrastructure costs to offering total flexibility to connect from anywhere, the cloud telephony provider is the perfect ally that all businesses yearned for. Since it offers a plethora of services with minimal investment, it is a perfect fit for both SMEs and large-sized enterprises

Now there are hundreds of cloud telephony providers in the market. This makes it very difficult to choose one for your business. To cut you some slack, we have come up with an array of factors that you must consider before choosing a cloud telephony provider. We will cover them in this post. But first, some basics.

What is cloud telephony? 

Cloud telephony is a cloud-based communication service that works through the internet. It offers voice communication along with other services to make the communication between employees and clients in a business place quite seamless. Cloud telephony is a perfect replacement for the more traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) model due to easier scalability and lower costs. Another reason for the popularity of cloud telephony is that it eliminates the need for any physical hardware at the client’s place. People can connect through any device that has an internet connection. 

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Factor to consider while selecting a cloud telephony provider

Before zeroing in on your cloud telephony provider, make sure they satisfy all the below criteria to the maximum extent possible – 

#1 Features

Firstly, figure out why you need a cloud telephony provider. To do this, you must check the features offered by the provider. For example, if you are running a call center, then you might need features like IVR(Interactive voice response), call recording, call forwarding, call analytics, etc. You do not want a platform that does not offer these important features, even if they are extremely affordable. 

However, remember that with more and more sophisticated features, the cost of subscription is also likely to increase. Some platforms charge you based on the number of features you need from them.

So it is important to limit to only those features that your business communication actually needs and opt out of the rest. Say you are running a customer-centric service business, then opting for a cloud telephony provider with CRM lookups and call analytics can be quite useful.

#2 Support

When you are going for a multipurpose communication system like cloud telephony, you need to ensure that the provider has a good reputation, is reliable, and is known to provide quality services.  The easiest way to do this is by checking out customer testimonials and reviews in various portals like G2 and Capterra. Particularly look for feedback on the quality of services and uptime.

Yes, cloud telephony servers work 24/7, but that doesn’t mean there will be uninterrupted service. This is primarily because it constitutes several moving components that can break down at any time. So downtime and interruptions are inevitable. But the good service providers are those who perform regular maintenance and instantly take care of any issues. 

Apart from regular services, the cloud telephony service provider must also help your business by offering continuous support. They should be able to answer your questions related to anything from pricing to technical aspects.

Lastly, make sure that the cloud telephony provider is not only able to address all the recurring issues in their services but also offers regular patches and updates to upgrade the customer experience. 

#3 Integrations

Several cloud telephony providers offer plug-n-play integrations with various well-known tools. For example, some cloud telephony providers integrate with lead management tools, CRMs, Application Tracking Systems, and so on.

So if you already have workflow tools in your business and want to eliminate unwanted complications while fusing them, then make sure to look for tools that already offer seamless connections with the tools you own.

Frejun has integration with most of the popular tools like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc. 

#4 Security

In this digital age, data security has become extremely critical for businesses. Hackers are always on the prowl trying to lay their hands on sensitive customer information whenever they get a chance. Unfortunately, these hackers are getting stronger and stronger due to advancements in technology. So pick a cloud telephony provider who guarantees maximum security to your data. 

A few cloud providers provide military-grade call encryption. This makes it almost impossible for hackers to access sensitive information from the database.

#5 ROI

Calculating returns is important for every investment you make. Cloud telephony is no different. The thumb rule is simple – the platform you choose must return a value that is higher than your subscription cost. Thankfully, most cloud telephony platforms offer a very high ROI. This is because it avoids most of the major costs, such as hardware. Despite that, many businesses commit the mistake of picking a platform that charges a very high subscription fee. They end up with poor returns, especially when the platform is not used to its full capacity.

Frejun is one of the most affordable cloud telephony providers out there, with a basic plan starting at ₹1299 per user month. You can make or take unlimited calls, thus maximizing your ROI.

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#6 User-friendliness

Although your service provider will take care of the installation, they will not be there forever, handholding you. This is where you need to ensure that your platform is extremely simple to use, even for a beginner user. A good cloud telephony software should possess an easy-to-navigate interface and also provide self-service support at every step. 

Frejun has been designed after keeping beginner users in mind. Its fluidic navigation with a simple dashboard can be used even by people who are not too familiar with such platforms. 

#7 Customizable

A one size fits all solution never works for most businesses. The platform you choose should be tailored to fit your needs and industry. For instance, you do not want to see a lot of functionalities and operations related to sales when you are in the recruitment industry. This will confuse you and also prevent you from utilizing the complete benefits of the platform. The platform must also be flexible enough to let you design your own reports and dashboard layouts. 

Frejun has customized solutions for businesses in different industries such as sales and recruitment. 

#8 Scalability

This is another important aspect that determines which cloud telephony provider you must pick. If everything goes well, your business is bound to grow year on year. You do not want solutions and platforms that do not grow alongside you. In other words, you do not want a cloud telephony provider that charges an exorbitant amount when you increase the number of users or calls through the platform. And, you certainly want to stay away from cloud telephony providers who cannot actually support beyond a particular user count. 

Frejun allows you to make unlimited calls per user and has no upper limit when it comes to the number of users that can access the platform. 


Most businesses move to cloud telephony systems to reduce operational costs and for better scalability. This makes it very important to choose the right partner for your business. A wrong choice can be quite detrimental to your business, as changing from one solution to another is never easy and can take a toll on the productivity of the organization. So consider the above factors and make an informed decision while selecting a cloud telephony provider. 

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