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10 Free Online Apps For International Calls from India

Online apps for International Calls from India

In today’s world, businesses from India of all sizes are increasing their dependence on communication with clients, partners, and suppliers across the globe; therefore, making international calls has become an essential part of our daily lives. However, international calls can be expensive, especially for small businesses with a limited budget.The good news is that many free web tools let you make cheap or free international calls from India. Free internet applications like Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp can close this gap by enabling companies to make low-cost or free international calls. These applications provide various services like video conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging, allowing organizations to collaborate on projects successfully with overseas contacts, establish solid relationships, and communicate effectively. In this way, free online tools for international calling can provide a valuable boost to any business looking to expand its global reach and enhance its communication capabilities.


WhatsApp is one of the most used chat applications in the world. Almost everyone uses it for communication purposes. WhatsApp offers free international calls and messaging capabilities. Users can chat, share audio-video messages, and make voice and video calls from anywhere where WhatsApp is supported. Instead of charging users for minutes or texts, WhatsApp uses the user’s internet connection for calls and messages.

In India, WhatsApp is widely used by businesses for international purposes due to its ease of use, widespread option, and low cost. With its large user base and popularity, businesses can easily reach a broad audience with targeted advertising campaigns, which can help them expand their reach and increase their sales.

Pricing: WhatsApp offers all its users free services and is supported by Android and iOS. 

Drawbacks: WhatsApp international calls require a stable and reliable internet connection to work effectively. WhatsApp calls are limited to one-to-one conversations or small groups, which may not be suitable for larger organizations that require more advanced conferencing capabilities.


Skype is a popular communication tool that enables users to make voice and video calls, send instant messages, and share files over the Internet. It is easy to use and offers a range of features that make it convenient for international calls. Other features include scheduling calls in advance, sharing screens, and recording calls for later reference. Skype is accessible from desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, making it easy for businesses to stay connected with clients or partners who may be located in different time zones.

Pricing: It starts from 6.98$ per month (up to 305 mins)

Drawbacks: The connection quality of Skype calls can be inconsistent at times, leading to dropped calls, lagging, and poor audio or video quality. It has limited features, especially regarding collaboration and file sharing.


Viber is a communication app that allows users to make free voice and video calls, send messages, and share files with other Viber users. It has become popular due to its user-friendly interface, end-to-end encryption, and low-cost international calling rates. Viber allows users to make group calls with up to 20 participants. This can be useful for business meetings or conference calls with multiple participants. One unique feature of Viber is finding a user’s contact. This makes it easy to find and communicate with friends and family who are also using the app.

Pricing: Viber calls are generally free.

Drawbacks: Viber displays ads within the app, which may annoy some users. Viber has limitations regarding file sharing, as it only allows users to send files up to a certain size.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger allows users to make international calls for free, as long as they have an internet connection. This can be a cost-effective way to stay in touch with friends and family abroad. It uses advanced technology to ensure high-quality voice and video calls which can be particularly important in business settings where communication needs to be clear and reliable. It also allows businesses to communicate in real time, regardless of where they or their clients are.

Pricing: Facebook messenger offers free services.

Drawbacks: Facebook has faced numerous privacy controversies, and some users may be uncomfortable sharing personal information on the platform. It includes ads and sponsored content, which may be irrelevant to some users.


Imo is a popular messaging app well-suited for international calls for personal and business use. It uses advanced compression algorithms to ensure high-quality audio and video calls, even on slower internet connections. Imo is available on both desktop and mobile devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users. It is useful for businesses that need to communicate with international partners who may be using different types of devices.

Pricing: Free

Drawbacks: It usually drains your system battery and requires a very stable and fast internet connection.


Rebtel offers low rates for international calls, making it a cost-effective option for personal and business use. It uses high-quality voice technology to ensure that calls are clear and reliable, even from different countries. It offers several features specifically designed for businesses, including call analytics and the ability to set up multiple lines for different departments or teams.

Pricing: $10 per month unlimited plan

Drawbacks: Rebtel primarily focuses on voice calls and does not offer support for

video calls. It relies on an internet connection to make calls, so your call quality may suffer if your internet connection is slow.


JusTalk uses internet data to make calls; therefore, to ensure a clear and uninterrupted call, ensure you have a strong internet connection, preferably on a Wi-Fi network. You may share your screen, make group calls with up to 50 people using JusTalk, and add filters and effects to your calls. Justalk allows users to create polls within groups, which can be useful for decision-making and gathering opinions.

Pricing: They have different plans ranging from a variety of new features like 20$ for ad free, HD calling and a 34$ business plan.

Drawbacks: Poor internet connectivity can lead to dropped calls or poor-quality audio and video. Users cannot share files larger than 20MB, and certain formats are unsupported.


TextNow is a communication app that provides users free texting and calling services.It provides many options, such as voicemail, recognizing unfamiliar numbers, emoticons, custom tone options, and many more. It can be particularly useful for businesses with employees or partners in different parts of the world, as it allows them to stay connected and collaborate easily.

Pricing: $8.99/month

Drawbacks: TextNow collects user data and may share it with third-party advertisers. Consider using a more secure communication tool if your business deals with sensitive information.

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FaceTime is a popular video calling application developed by Apple, which allows users to make video and audio calls to other FaceTime users over the internet. It is a free application, with no additional costs for international calls. FaceTime provides high-quality video and audio calls, essential for international calls and business communication. It ensures that the conversation is clear and without any distortions or interruptions. In addition to making audio and video calls, FaceTime also allows users to send text messages, photos, and videos to other FaceTime users.

Pricing: Free

Drawbacks: FaceTime is only available on Apple devices. Video calls can be battery-intensive, meaning extended FaceTime sessions can quickly drain the battery on a user’s device.

In conclusion, several online apps for international calls are helpful for friends and business in India. Each app offers unique features and benefits, from free calling to video conferencing. Some even offer the ability to make calls to non-app users for a nominal fee. Overall, these apps provide a convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected with friends and colleagues abroad, making them essential for personal and professional communication.

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