Devices and Meetings, Part I

Recently there has been a series of articles about the idea of banning laptops or electronic devices in the meetings. Some companies like Skift went ahead and implemented the policy of banning the laptops from the meetings. Even though we are a company that is focussed on meetings, we strongly advocate not having meetings inContinue Reading

Interviews, Wisdom

Our work – Startupbyte co-founders Praveen Dorna and Chethan Mittapalli


Co-founders of Startupbyte, Praveen Dorna and Chethan Mittapalli This is the first interview of our new “interview series” on what managers and CEOs think about their work and how they work on a daily basis. There will be some good takeaway points from each individual. StartupByte is building a “Social Network for Startups” to bring startup communities to discover, engage andContinue Reading