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Effective Ways to Overcome Communication Barriers with Remote Teams

Remote Work Challenges & Effective Ways to Overcome Communication Barriers Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

With WHO declaring coronavirus as a pandemic, it is only understandable that many companies have turned to remote work as an option. Adjusting to the groove of working remotely might not be easy initially, especially when you are working with a team. Designing your environment for work and using the correct set of tools can help overcome remote work challenges and transition into remote work more easily. 

An efficient remote work structure not just helps in boosting productivity but will improve work satisfaction. There will be fewer distractions, less time spent commuting, and of course, the freedom of your own space.

However, remote work comes with its own set of challenges. From communication barriers to isolation to interruptions to overwork, remote work challenges are inevitable.

Communication Barriers — A Major Challenge for Remote Teams Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

When you are working with a remote team or managing one, communication proves to be one of the most important factors that either makes or breaks a remote team. It is the key to successful remote work.

When information isn’t dispersed properly, confusion among team members regarding accountability and collaboration is bound to arise.

Hence, it is crucial to strategize ways to improve communication, overcome communication barriers, and enhance team accountability.

Effective Ways to Overcome Communication Barriers in Remote Teams

Conduct efficient meetings

video conference

Meetings are a vital component in any organization and are even more significant for remote teams. It is essential to conduct effective meetings either through phone calls or video conferences that convey necessary information, goals, targets, and provide space for discussion. Teams who have regular meetings and one on ones, communicate and coordinate better.

Make information accessible

accessible information

Easy information access keeps all the team members on the same page and ensures an efficient flow of information. You can facilitate easy information access by using collaborative tools like Slack for instant messaging, project management tools like Trello for better coordination, and meeting recording and transcription tools like FreJun for sharing meeting details like minutes, action items, and notes.

Schedule meetings at times that work for everyone

time management

If members of your team work in different time zones, it is essential to discuss and schedule meetings at times that work for everyone. If someone isn’t able to attend the meeting, record the meeting and share it with them.

With easy and secure meeting recording software like FreJun, which not just records meetings but also generates automated transcripts and notes, it becomes convenient to share information with team members without having to worry about missing out on conversations.

Anyone unable to attend the meeting can visit their dashboard and get the notes instantly. The meeting recordings and transcripts serve as a reference and fill out any conversation gap and overcome communication barriers.

Create better engagement among team members

overcome communication barrier

Isolation is another critical factor that employees deal with when working remotely. And when teams are new to remote working, proper engagement methods are essential to prevent team members from feeling isolated. Engagement methods could take any of the following forms — a casual group discussion, a fun web conference, team building exercises, exciting brainstorming activities, and other creative ways to engage with members. These methods turn remote work challenges into opportunities to bond better.

The goal is to build and maintain a healthy connection among team members. And regular catching up through exciting activities is the way to go.

Have clear goals and action items

clear goals and action items

Proper recorded goals and action items designate tasks to each team member and strengthen accountability. Doing so eliminates confusion and helps in getting things done without delay.

Meetings play an essential role in defining goals and action items for the team, and minutes of meeting serves as a critical document that provides structure to critical elements discussed in the conference calls. For remote sessions, you can use AI assistant tools like FreJun to record meetings and define action items. The best thing about using FreJun is that team members can access the recordings and notes anytime. This lets them take action accordingly.


Whether you are a new remote worker or have been working remotely for a while, you must communicate effectively with your team members and use proper tools to ensure efficient coordination, collaboration, and information flow.

Remote work challenges are inevitable and communication barriers are bound to appear. However, when managed well, remote teams lead to faster and efficient workflow, increased productivity, reduced cost, and overall exciting experience.

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