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13 Top Online Voice Calling Service Providers 


In the digital era, where remote work has become the norm and the demand for efficient and effective communication is at an all-time high, online voice call services have emerged as a vital component of our daily interactions. These services are not just a convenience but a necessity for maintaining personal connections and professional collaborations in a world that moves quickly. To help you navigate the plethora of options available, we have curated a list of the 13 top online voice call service providers that are sure to enhance your communication capabilities. These providers have been selected based on their reliability, quality, and range of features that cater to diverse needs. Let’s explore each one in detail and discover how they can elevate your communication experience.

1. FreJun

FreJun website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Frejun stands out as a top online voice-calling service provider, offering robust features designed for business communication. It provides call recording, detailed analytics, and seamless CRM integration, enhancing efficiency and quality assurance. The platform supports automated call logging and delivers high-quality audio, ensuring clear and reliable voice communication.

Key features: Business Communication Focus, Call Recording, Detailed Analytics, CRM Integration, Automated Call Logging, High-Quality Audio, Scalable Solutions, User-Friendly Interface.

Pricing:  Standard: Begins at $14.49 per user, per month.

                Professional: Starts at $16.69 per user, per month.

G2 Review: 4.9 out of 5

2. Zoom

Zoom website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Zoom’s rise to prominence has been meteoric, especially in the context of the global shift to remote work. Its widespread adoption can be attributed to its intuitive interface, consistent performance, and ability to accommodate large groups, making it a top-tier choice for businesses, educational institutions, and casual users who prioritize quality and reliability in their communication tools.

Key features: Global Shift to Remote Work, Go-To Platform for Video and Voice Communications, Accommodation of Large Groups, Top-Tier Choice, Quality and Reliability.

Pricing: The basic plan is free.

G2 Review: 4.5 out of 5

3. Skype

Zoom website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Skype has been a trailblazer in the online voice call service landscape, providing users with a means to connect globally since 2003. Skype’s competitive international calling rates further enhance its appeal, offering an economical solution for global communication. Its longevity and continual updates ensure that Skype remains a relevant and powerful communication tool in the modern digital toolkit.

Key features: Trailblazer in Online Voice Call Services, Global Connectivity, Comprehensive Suite of Features, Longevity and Continual Updates, Powerful Communication Tool.

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 526.58 per month.

G2 Review: 4.3 out of 5

4. Google Meet

Google Meet website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

As an integral part of the Google Workspace, Google Meet stands out for its seamless integration with other Google services and its commitment to high-quality audio. It is particularly favored by businesses and professionals who rely on the Google ecosystem for their operations. The platform’s straightforward design and reliable performance make it a strong contender in the online voice call service market.

Key features: Part of Google Workspace, High-Quality Audio, Favored by Businesses and Professionals, Free Voice Calls for Up to 100 Participants, and Reliable Performance.

Pricing: Starts at Rs. 136.90 per user per month.

G2 Review: 4.6 out of 5

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Microsoft Teams has rapidly become a cornerstone for enterprise communication, providing a rich set of tools that encompass voice calling, video conferencing, and collaborative functionalities. Its deep integration with Microsoft 365 allows for a seamless workflow, where users can share documents, manage projects, and coordinate schedules in conjunction with high-quality voice calls.

Key features: Cornerstone for Enterprise Communication, Rich Set of Tools, Deep Integration with Microsoft 365, Document Sharing, Project Management, Unified Communication Platform.

Pricing: Starts at $4 per user per month.

G2 Review: 4.3 out of 5

6. Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Cisco WebEx is synonymous with professional online communication, offering a suite of services that includes voice calling, video conferencing, and webinars. It caters to a broad spectrum of business sizes, from small startups to large corporations. Its interface is designed for ease of use, and it provides a plethora of customizable options to tailor the experience to specific business needs.

Key features: Professional Online Communication, Suite of Services, Broad Spectrum of Business Sizes, Ease of Use, Comprehensive Voice-Calling Solution.

Pricing: Starts at $13.50 per month.

G2 Review: 4.3 out of 5

7. Slack

Slack website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

While Slack is predominantly recognized for its powerful team collaboration and instant messaging capabilities, it also boasts a robust voice-calling feature. Within the Slack application, users can effortlessly initiate voice calls, whether for one-on-one conversations or group discussions. This functionality is particularly useful for teams that require quick and efficient communication without leaving the workspace.

Key features: Powerful Team Collaboration, Instant Messaging Capabilities, Robust Voice-Calling Feature, Effortless Voice Calls, Quick and Efficient Communication, and Comprehensive Communication Solution.

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 245.25 per month.

G2 Review: 4.5 out of 5

8. Viber

Viber website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Viber has been a mainstay in the voice call service arena since 2010, amassing a user base of over 800 million worldwide. Renowned for its superior audio quality, Viber facilitates free voice and video calls among its users, in addition to offering group chat capabilities and competitive rates for international calls.

Key features: Established Voice Call Service, Large User Base, Superior Audio Quality, Free Voice and Video Calls, Group Chat Capabilities, and Reliable Personal Communication Service.

Pricing: Contact the Viber team for pricing details.

G2 Review: not rated

9. WhatsApp

WhatsApp website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp has achieved widespread popularity, with a user base exceeding 2 billion people globally. It provides a comprehensive communication package that includes messaging, voice, and video calling features, all secured with end-to-end encryption. Its simplicity and security have made WhatsApp a dominant player in the realm of online communication.

Key features: Owned by Facebook, Widespread Popularity, Comprehensive Communication Package, End-to-End Encryption, High-Quality Call Functionality.

Pricing: It is free to use.

G2 Review: 4.7 out of 5

10. Discord

Discord website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Originally a haven for gamers, Discord has evolved to become a versatile platform suitable for a variety of communities, including businesses and creative teams. It offers voice and video call options, along with text chat and media sharing, creating a vibrant and interactive space for users to engage and collaborate. Discord’s unique culture and feature set provide an alternative communication environment that supports both structured meetings and casual interactions.

Key features: Origins in Gaming, Versatile Platform, Voice and Video Call Options, Text Chat and Media Sharing, and Casual Interactions.

Pricing: Contact the Discord team for pricing details.

G2 Review: not rated

11. FaceTime

FaceTime website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

FaceTime is Apple’s proprietary voice and video calling service, exclusively available to users within the Apple ecosystem. It is known for delivering high-quality calls and a seamless user experience, complemented by features such as group calling and integration with other Apple services. For those who are invested in Apple’s hardware and software, FaceTime represents a reliable and convenient option for personal and professional communication.

Key features: Apple’s Proprietary Service, High-Quality Calls, Seamless User Experience, Group Calling, Integration with Apple Services, Reliable and Convenient.

Pricing: Contact the FaceTime team for pricing details.

G2 Review: not rated

12. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

Specializing in online meetings and webinars, GoToMeeting is a professional voice call service provider that emphasizes high-definition video and audio quality. It offers a suite of features including screen sharing and call recording, catering to businesses and teams that require a full-featured communication platform.

Key features: Specializes in Online Meetings and Webinars, High-Definition Video and Audio Quality, Screen Sharing, Call Recording, and Versatile Choice for Organizations.

Pricing: Starts at $12 per month.

G2 Review: 4.2 out of 5

13. 8×8 Voice

8x8 Voice website snapshot highlighting the services it offers.

8×8 Voice is a cloud-based voice call service tailored for business use. It provides an array of features such as call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, and more, all within an easy-to-navigate interface. The service’s integration capabilities with platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Teams underscore its utility for businesses that require a comprehensive and interconnected communication system.

Key features: Cloud-Based Service, Tailored for Business Use, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Voicemail, Easy-to-Navigate Interface, Integration Capabilities, Comprehensive Communication System.

Pricing: Contact the 8×8 team for pricing details.

G2 Review: 4.1 out of 5


Selecting the right online voice call service provider is crucial for achieving seamless and effective communication, whether for personal connections or professional collaborations. This curated list of 13 top providers offers a variety of options to suit different requirements and preferences. When choosing a service, consider factors such as user-friendliness, integration with other tools, call quality, and cost-effectiveness. With the right provider, you can enhance your communication experience and ensure that you stay connected in an increasingly digital world. Happy calling!

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