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LeadSquared Integration

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FreJun calling integration for Leadsquared

Benefits of FreJun + LeadSquared

Click to call integration

Device agnostic

No more dependence on business phones for making or receiving calls. Reach out to your leads via any device of your choice, be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Improved agent productivity

Your agents no longer have to spend hours tracking calling details and lead details separately. They can instead concentrate on more mission-critical activities like selling.

increase team productivity with frejun
Call recording

Single source of truth

Maintain all prospect-related information and call-related information in one place. This way, you can create a context-driven customer experience thanks to real-time synchronization between both platforms.

Features of FreJun + LeadSquared

ATS and CRM Integration

Quick integration

All it takes is a few clicks to connect your LeadSquared account with your FreJun account. No need to code or perform complex steps to connect the two platforms.

Click to call


Make outbound calls with a single click directly from the lead details page of LeadSquared. No need to use multiple devices, one to find lead details and another to speak to the lead.

Call recording

Call recording

Automatically record every exchange between the prospect and your rep. Use the recordings, which are available 24X7 for training and quality purposes.

Add call details

Call Insights

Add additional details, such as call reason and call outcomes, to make your calls more insightful and intelligent.

Reasons to choose FreJun

FreJun Calling Integration

Offers a complete suite of solutions

We provide you with a contact center, a virtual number, toll-free numbers, and call and sticky routing.

Improved call pickup rates

FreJun drastically improves call pickups through Truecaller on the virtual number.

Powerful analytics engine

Our inbuilt analytics engine lets track your team’s performance and identify bottlenecks in your process instantly.

360-degree visibility

FreJun’s analytics dashboard helps managers and business owners track their team’s performance and find which part of the process is working and which can be improved.

Robust features

FreJun comes loaded with intuitive features like autodialer, call recording, plug-n-play integration, and Chrome extension, to make your calling journey seamless.


LeadSquared is a marketing automation platform that enables businesses to automate their lead management process. It is a one-stop solution to capture leads, manage sales, and track the performance of the sales funnel.

FreJun is a cloud telephony platform that makes your business communication seamless. With FreJun, you no longer have to rely on expensive business phones to make or receive business calls.

FreJun and LeadSquared integration aligns your marketing and calling needs. This will improve the productivity of your agents and improve the overall call experience for both your agent and the prospect.

Absolutely not. Integrating FreJun with LeadSquared is extremely simple, and it takes less than 5 minutes to start experiencing the power of both platforms.

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