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Zoho Integration

Establish, Manage, and Monitor lead communication better.

FreJun calling integration for Zoho

Benefits of FreJun + Zoho

Click to call integration

One device to make all calls

Eliminate the need to switch between different devices to view information and make calls. FreJun’s Zoho integration ensures that your experience remains truly device-agnostic.

Boost sales productivity

You can drastically increase the sales productivity of your business as your agents can now make more calls than they could previously.

Improve team productivity
Call recording

Better context to calls

With this integration, you can get all the important details of the calls, such as call duration, call time, call reason, call outcome, etc., in a single window. This will give much better context for future references.

Features of FreJun + Zoho

ATS and CRM Integration

Easy to integrate

No coding, no learning of technical know-hows, no complicated steps. Just a few simple clicks and your Zoho account will be connected to your FreJun account.

Click to call


A single tap to make calls from your Zoho dashboard. Make calls directly from the leads or contact page instantly.

Call recording

Instant access to call recording

Every conversation between your agent and your lead is captured, recorded, and stored in the cloud. Access the recording anytime, anywhere, instantly from your FreJun dashboard.

Add call details

Call notes

Add additional details such as call reason, call outcome, and call notes to every individual call to make it more meaningful and comprehensible.

Reasons to choose FreJun

FreJun Calling Integration

Offers a complete suite of solutions

We provide you with a contact center, a virtual number, toll-free numbers, and call and sticky routing.

Improved call pickup rates

FreJun drastically improves call pickups through Truecaller on the virtual number.

Powerful analytics engine

Our inbuilt analytics engine lets track your team’s performance and identify bottlenecks in your process instantly.

360-degree visibility

FreJun’s analytics dashboard helps managers and business owners track their team’s performance and find which part of the process is working and which can be improved.

Robust features

FreJun comes loaded with intuitive features like autodialer, call recording, plug-n-play integration, and Chrome extension, to make your calling journey seamless.


Zoho CRM is an online sales CRM software that helps in building and maintaining relationships with your prospects. In simple words, it’s a platform that holds all your prospect data in one place, which can be used for converting them into customers.

FreJun is a cloud telephony platform that makes your business communication seamless. With FreJun, you no longer have to rely on expensive business phones to make or receive business calls.

Zoho and FreJun can automate most of your lead outreach activities. They boost agent productivity, offer 360-degree intelligence to your calls, and make your calling experience completely device-agnostic.

Absolutely not. Integrating FreJun with Zoho is extremely simple, and it takes less than 5 minutes to start experiencing the power of both platforms.

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