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Top 10 AI Tools for Recruitment

Recruitment is the basis on which an organization stands. AI Tools for recruitment have made the process of hiring efficient and time and cost-friendly. They have brought in a semblance of uniformity to the process. The uniformity provided by AI tools streamlines the resources and data collected by the organization to have a better hiring experience while keeping a good employer brand.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment has brought in a revolution which aims to put the recruitment process at EASE  

E: Enhance

A: Assist

S: Simplify 

E: Evolve

Let us look at some of the tools which have made recruitment a worthwhile experience for both the candidates as well as the organisations.



JazzHR is recruiting software that promises a customized branding option that can be used by the organization to create a lucrative Employer Brand to attract the best talent in the market. They also provide sourcing and  ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which takes off a significant amount of workload off of the recruiters. The AI tool is also designed to collaborate with the recruiters during the evaluation process. Moreover, it helps in making the hiring process a pleasant experience for the candidate with their automated hiring, onboarding and tracking processes. 


Another excellent feature of this software is its pricing for the services. They have three plans based on the organization’s size and needs. Hero is a plan for small businesses. Their monthly subscription is priced at 39$. Plus is the most preferred plan and it is 219$ a month. It provides a lot of services like unlimited hiring, ATS, interviews, and assessments. Pro is their premium plan priced at 329$ which is inclusive of all the features/services mentioned above. 



Mya is a software that takes care of the recruitment process from scratch. From sourcing to screening, evaluation, scheduling interviews, onboarding, and retention, the software takes care of everything. The software reduces 79% in time-to-interview via automated scheduling of qualified candidates to the recruiter’s calendar. With the help of the Natural Language Process  (NLP), Mya holds dynamic conversations with a person while being cognizant of what the latter is trying to convey/ask.


The site does not mention the pricing but it does have the option of requesting a demo



SmartRecruiters is a software that aims at helping organizations get a better candidate pool with the help of their product Talent Acquisition Suite

The software sources the candidates and uses ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to select candidates and screen them on the basis of their work experiences and skillsets. They also provide services to facilitate the hiring process by contacting the candidates, sending offers, etc. 


The pricing is not mentioned on the website but they provide consultations and demos keeping in mind the organization’s size and needs. 



Pymetrics aims to ‘measure potential not pedigree’. The talent matching platform focuses more on the behavioral data that is objectively obtained to see their potential beyond the routine resume checks. The AI tool has various patented games to get data for further analysis. It also provides structured assistance for conducting interviews by providing well-tailored questions. And they give the candidate enough time and space to understand the job role and appear confidently  for the interview 

They tailor their services by providing an algorithm that not only matches the organization’s needs but the chances of biases are also reduced. 


The pricing is not mentioned on the website but one can request a demo.  



Textio uses augmented writing to create an attractive employer brand for their clients to acquire better talent. They help an organization in optimizing their job openings by using words/terms which would appeal to the target candidate. Being non-biased and inclusive is taken seriously by this AI tool. 

Their motto is to ensure that the organization’s recruitment goal speaks to the candidates in the most convincing way possible. 

They tailor their words to suit the needs of the brand and the image they are trying to portray. Cultural inclusion is a priority for them as they promise that there is equity across the organization they are catering to.


The software does not list the pricing on the website but it does have the option of scheduling a demo.



Loxo is a talent-hiring platform that caters to the sourcing and employer branding needs of an organization. They have 95 credible data sources with relevant information to build a strong pipeline of candidates.

 Their services aim to provide the candidates a pleasant experience regardless of them getting the job or not. By providing services like built-in calling, email and calendar sync, client portal, etc., the platform creates a structure on which their recruitment process takes place. 


Loxo provides two kinds of services when it comes to prices. Single users can access the platform for free during the hiring process. It is an excellent way to test out the services for organizations looking for an AI tool while being cost-efficient. Other than that, there is also a premium membership with no user limits. It gives access to certain features and upgrades some mentioned in the free membership.

Features is an AI tool that primarily functions as a meeting scheduling tool between candidates and recruiters. They have collaborated with most preferred applications for conducting these interviews like Zoom, Skype, etc. They collaborate with other work platforms like the greenhouse to schedule interviews/meetings at a convenient time for both the recruiters and the candidates. 


The platform provides 3 subscription plans

The first subscription is a free plan which is inclusive of some of the basic facilities like User Interface, Calendar integrations, ATS, scheduling meetings, etc. Some of these features have a limited number of uses per month.

Professional Plan is the second plan. The monthly subscription is $15. This plan covers most of the services and it is ideal for a startup or a small business. 

 Team plan is the third plan which is inclusive of all the services provided by the platform. The monthly subscription is at $25. 



greenhouse is an ATS and recruiting software whose primary goal is to source future candidates by setting up an equitable process to avoid any form of biases. By facilitating their hiring process, they aim at upscaling businesses organically. 

They also believe in creating the hiring experience as a memorable process for everyone.

Their aim is to make the hiring process as well the organization’s work culture to be more diverse and inclusive. 


greenhouse does not list the pricing on its site but it does provide a demo. Based on the demo and the company’s goals and requirements, they will present a price. 



Lever is hiring software that helps in every step of the recruitment process. It sources viable candidates, schedules interviews, helps in the evaluation and assessment of their applications, and assists in the onboarding process. The AI tool also saves up the information from previous hirings to create a pipeline of candidates for future hirings. So it not only saves up time and effort during the hiring process but it also makes the most optimal use out of the process. Hiring from a preexisting credible pipeline cuts down on costs as well as the time involved in putting out a fresh call for a position.


Lever has 3 kinds of plans. Starter is the first plan. It is ideal for small businesses or startups. Professional is the second plan. It aims at increasing productivity for high-growth teams. Enterprise is the third and the most premium plan . It is inclusive of all the services provided by the software.

The prices for them are not mentioned on the site as they give prospective customers a demo to understand their requirements. After understanding their goals and requirements, they let them know the pricing. 



FreJunHR is an AI interviewing platform aimed at making the interview process of recruitment streamlined and hasslefree. The software automates interview scheduling and calling the candidates. The AI tool documents the interview by generating smart notes, which can be used for decision making. They also come in handy when the recruiters have to report back to their hiring managers for feedback. Along with these, FreJunHR offers auto-dialing and sending personalized bulk WhatsApp messages features.

These features help the recruiter/interviewer focus more on the candidates during the interview process and save time. 


FreJunHR’s site does not state the prices but they do offer free trials and custom plans for every company. They have 3 subscription plans for a better idea of the services. The first plan is a Standard plan which primarily aims at interview scheduling and calling. The second plan is a plus plan which is inclusive of the previous plan and it comes with personalized messages. The most premium plan is the Gold plan which is inclusive of all the services the software offers including AI interview insights.


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