The Illusion of Remembering Things – Don’t Lose Out on Conversations that Matter to You

the illusion of remembering things

One of the most human things about humans is the overestimation of our capabilities to do something that seems simple to the naked eye. The overestimation could be for anything ranging from throwing a ball (as in American Football) to cooking a good meal (everyone can cook, but not everyone can cook like a chef).
We’ve all met someone who marvels in their ability to do certain things but, in reality, are just mediocre.
Just like the illusion of capabilities, we also fall prey to the illusion of remembering things.

We, humans, overestimate our capability to remember.

While we believe that we have a perfect memory, we often forget the details of an event. We remember things only vaguely, sometimes adding up falsely created features to fill up the blank spaces.

Let’s do a simple experiment. 

Can you recall the conversation you had with your loved ones or your colleagues yesterday? Most of us could. 

What about the crucial conversation that you had with your customer or your boss a few days ago? It would be hard to recall all the details that you had during the discourse.

The Cost of Illusion of Remembering Things

The illusion of remembering things makes us lose essential details and information that could have been an asset in our personal and professional lives. While it’s not viable to document every conversation that you have in your own life, it is almost a necessity to record essential conversations in professional life.

Don’t Lose Out on Conversations that Matter to You

Though necessary, it is a pain to document and note down the details of every vital conversation in your work. 

FreJun solves this plight for you by taking down the notes on your behalf and recording the crucial conversations that matter in the future. Here’s how we do it.

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