6 Simple and Quick Steps to Have Productive Meetings

steps to have productive meetings

You might have attended a lot of formal and informal meetings in your profession by now. Probably, not all the meetings were as efficient and productive as they could have been. To improve the success rate of your meetings, it’s worth taking a look at some of the points below.

Steps to Have Productive Meetings

  1. Attend the meeting only when required

    First and foremost, attend the meeting only if it is required. Most of the time, you get to attend these meetings not out of necessity but because you got invited. These are meetings that kill your time and doesn’t make a difference to the meeting or you.

    Learning how to say “NO” gently to these unnecessary emails would make your time more productive. Understand the intent of the meeting in the first place. Is the meeting for an update or to really discuss something that is meaningful and important? Of all the meetings, meetings for an update are the most useless as the updates can be shared by email, slack and various communication channels.

    Why have a meeting when you can avoid it in the first place?

  2. Batch your meetings

    Batching your meetings back to back would make your mind less stressful as it doesn’t have to switch between the tasks back and forth. This is something many people overlook.

  3. Prepare well

    Share the key information at least 24 hours in advance. There is nothing less productive than coming to meetings without preparation and reading the material during the meeting, instead of discussing what is on the agenda. Sharing the key information well before the meeting will give enough time to prepare for the meeting with questions and potential decisions to make.

  4. Set the agenda in advance

    The most important of all always set the agenda and the decisions to be made before the meeting. If there is one thing that you can take away from this post, it is this. Setting the agenda and understanding the decisions to be made during the meeting is the one thing that makes meetings more focused and efficient.

  5. Share minutes of meetings

    Capture and share the Minutes of meetings and action items after the meeting would make the meetings more efficient and productive. This includes the decisions and the other important things discussed during the meeting.
    You can check out our guide to write effective minutes of meetings.
    You can also use FreJun to record your minutes of meetings, thereby using your attention to solely focus on the meeting.

  6. Turn off distractions

    The most obvious of all, turning off distractions like cell phones during the meetings. It’s really annoying for others to see someone taking the calls or messaging in the middle of a discussion. It’s disrespectful to the rest of the attendees.

That’s it! These are some simple steps to have productive meetings. The above-mentioned steps are pretty basic and easy to follow. Keep them in mind the next time you conduct or attend a meeting.

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