Reading list for Efficient meetings, Part II

This is the second set of reading material on having successful meetings. If you did not get a chance to see the first set of a reading list, click here.

  1. The Science and Fiction of Meetings: A very interesting article about the scientific analysis of what makes a meeting great and regular one.
  2. Taking the bias out of meetings: One of the best articles on how to run strategy meetings. A must read the article for any senior management executives.  
  3. Tips for Reading the Room Before a Meeting or Presentation: To be successful in an organization, it’s not only important to understand the verbal communication but also important to understand the body language during the conversation.
  4. How to Run a Meeting Without Talking Too Much: This is for all the “alpha” leaders who believe that they need to control and be listened to during the meeting. A quick and simple guide on how to run a meeting by being in the background.

List of all the articles in HBR about the meetings: If you are not satisfied with the above-mentioned reading list.

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