Customer Conversations, Infographics

3 Simple ways for SMBs to improve customer conversations for improving sales and customer relation

Are the sales of your business decelerating? Is your business’ customer retention poor? Are your customers often complaining? Do you face many difficulties in building new and maintaining existing customer relations? Are your customer conversations ineffective? Well, if you are a Small or Medium Business (SMB), then this is the perfect guide for you toContinue Reading

Meetings, Scheduling Tools

Top 10 Scheduling Tools for Your Business Calendar in 2020 – Delegate the Mundane & Focus on What’s Important

Meetings and events are an indispensable part of any organization. Though immensely valuable, it cannot be denied that scheduling them can be time-consuming ­— time that could have been spent preparing for those events. Scheduling tools assist here by handling mundane tasks like organizing meetings, following-up, and sending reminders, among others. However, not all schedulingContinue Reading


57 Essential Sales Questions for Every Stage of Sales that You Might’ve Never Heard Of


A clear and defined sales process not only improves the efficiency and organization of the sales team but also effectively guides the conversion of prospects to leads first and then to customers eventually. A study by Harvard Business Review revealed that companies with a proper sales process generate up to 28% more revenue compared toContinue Reading


How is AI Simplifying Managerial Tasks & How You Can Incorporate It in Your Business

Have you ever spent a great deal of time searching for a product on Amazon, and later saw advertisements displaying details of the same product wherever you trawled through the Web? Through innovative algorithms, Google has been able to show relevant pop-up ads automatically. That is just one aspect of AI simplifying managerial tasks. ArtificialContinue Reading