6 Simple and Effective Tips to Improve Minutes of the Meeting (with Free Templates)

improve minutes of meeting

The effectiveness and success of a meeting lie in the notes of the meeting. Hence, it would be best if you planned not just for the meeting but also for making excellent meeting minutes beforehand.

There are a few essential things to consider that would make a big difference for writing notes/minutes of meeting.

Therefore, to have a second to none meeting minutes, consider these six effective changes to improve your minutes of meeting. 

6 Simple and Effective Tips to Improve Minutes of Meeting

1. Begin the meeting with an action review

Start the minutes by discussing the summary of the actions and decisions from the last meeting. However, if the actions have been completed, move on to the Agenda

2. Include the names of people present at the meeting

When writing notes, ensure you include the names of everyone present at the meeting and who is responsible for taking notes. The notes should also contain the names of those who are responsible for respective action items.

3. Timely writing of the notes

Take minutes on time. Please write it down when it is still fresh in your memory or during the meeting. You may get someone else alongside you who would write minutes on your behalf or use FreJun to automate the note-taking step.

4. Share the meeting minutes with the attendees

The earlier you send out the minutes, the better. Get your notes approved and send them out within two to three hours of the meeting. If possible, send it to those who could not make it to the meeting as well. By doing so, you will enable them to know the outcome of the meeting.

5. Include images

You can also include images in your notes. You may take pictures of texts, flip charts, or the whiteboard with your phone. This will make it easier to understand what was drawn on the board.=

6. Make use of a standard meeting minutes template

Ensure you use a standard meeting minutes template when writing your minute. This will make it easier to read minutes and saves your time too.


Regardless of the meeting type, if these listed points are put in place, you can confidently have excellent meetings. And an even better meeting minutes.

Get your free meeting minutes templates here.

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