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How to Write Team Meeting Minutes and Action Items? (5 Simple Steps)

how to write meeting minutes

Contrary to popular opinion, writing minutes of meetings is a simple and straightforward process. Take a look at these simple steps to write team meeting minutes and action items. 

  1. Have a clear agenda

    To begin with, having a clear agenda before the meeting is very important. Otherwise, you could miss out on discussing a lot of things during the meeting. Secondly, it’s a good idea to assign one person to collect the team meeting minutes during the meeting. Otherwise, being clear at the beginning of the meeting that everyone is going to contribute towards the team meeting minutes would avoid any miscommunication.

  2. Prepare adequately before the meeting

    One of the things we need to consider before we think of taking meeting notes is that taking excellent meeting notes takes time as there is a need for adequate preparation. A good minute taker will take the time ahead of the scheduled meeting to review the necessary documents and manuscripts, build a helpful glossary, and ensure you understand the context of the scheduled meeting. So, in this case, leaving enough time to prepare for the meeting, and writing up the minutes after the meeting is a good thing to do. Likewise, a good minute meeting taker will also ensure that they arrive at the meeting early to prepare for the meeting.

  3. Write down the decisions and the action items separately in meeting notes

    When taking the team meeting minutes & meeting notes, write down the decisions that are taken and the action items separately. The most important part is, assigning each action item to an individual if needed. Otherwise, it’s not going to bring any responsibility to the action items after the meeting.

  4. Review with the meeting organizer after the meeting

    Quickly clear up any unresolved questions before the meeting concludes. Ideally, the minute taker and the meeting organizer should discuss the minutes briefly with the meeting attendees once the meeting has been concluded. This must not last for more than 5 to 10 minutes. This step is crucial to clarify and double-check the team meeting minutes, names of the contributors and all the meeting attendees, and terms that were newly discussed in the meeting. This is important to ensure you have an accurate meeting, as well as, perfect meeting notes.

  5. Share the team meeting minutes & meeting notes with all the attendees

    Share the tea meeting minutes and meeting notes with all the members after reviewing them.

Let us know if there are any other suggestions or comments to improve the process. 

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