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How to make business calls as good as face-to-face meetings amidst coronavirus outbreak?

business calls as good as face-to-face meetings

The corona virus outbreak is taking the shape of a pandemic. Across the globe, most of the people are working remotely from their homes. Resultantly, the number of physical interactions has dropped significantly. There is, however, a surge in business calls.

Every working professional encounters the most pertinent question in such a scenario. The question is – How to have as productive business calls and conversations as face-to-face meetings? It is in times of such crisis that one realizes the need for remote working tools. 

One of the biggest challenges of remote working is ensuring an efficient flow of information. Now, one may wonder — How to overcome this problem? 

Well, listed below are five ways in which remote working tools such as meeting notes recording & transcription software let working professionals have business calls that are as effective as physical meetings:

1. Structured and organized calls

Usually, people tend to lose track of conversations on phone calls. This may lead to a lack of clarity at either party’s end as to what the original intent behind the call was. Meeting notes provided by AI meeting assistants help overcome this problem in the following ways:

  • Such AI meetings tools provide detailed call summaries. These summaries lay down the foundation for further business processing by optimizing and consolidating the information collected during the calls.
  • Further, these meeting notes and call recordings are a quick point of reference. Hence, one can quickly rehash the discussions of the last conversations before a follow-up discussion or call.

2. Call Analytics

Everyone would agree that body language is a very important giveaway during a physical meeting. Body language constitutes more than 60% of what we communicate. Hence, the importance of learning to read the nonverbal cues people send! Now, one may say that this is not possible while conducting client meetings over the phone. However, modern-day AI conversations recording and transcription tools like FreJun provide features such as speech and sentiment analytics. These features help one study call participants’ behavior over phone calls. The call analytics features help in reviewing the business calls, assessing participants’ response and involvement, evaluating the tone of the interaction, and driving the agenda accordingly. After all, Peter Drucker, Father of Post-War Management Thinking, has said, “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said”!

3. Importance of Listening

In a recent blog titled — 3 Simple ways for SMBs to improve customer conversations for improving sales and customer relations, the importance of listening in meetings had been highlighted. Talking about phone calls, the need to listen effectively is just heightened. To reiterate and put into context the importance of effective listening, one must give a thought to the following points:

  • When on a call, what if some critical information is missed out in the process of taking down manual notes?
  • How will the other members feel if certain call participants are not engaged in the call and busy taking notes?Unimportant and less valued.
  • Focused and attentive listening is a form of on-the-spot research and facilitates brainstorming and formulating a spontaneous talk. Who would want to miss out on such an opportunity?

Well, the above points reiterate the importance of effective listening. They also underscore the need for using AI meetings and transcription tools to assist in conducting phone calls as good as physical meetings.

4. Decide the further course of action

AI-powered meetings record, meaningfully capture and summarize all critical information to make sure end targets are effectively delivered. What is the next step? Acting upon the discussions! When one has access to detailed minutes and call recordings at their disposal, identifying the critical action points becomes smooth as butter. The meeting notes allow them to follow up on action items; assign to-dos, and keep track of the progress on the key deliverable. 

5. Effective coordination within the team and reporting to the manager

Generally and most commonly, no one works in isolation. Now, while everyone might be present in a physical meeting, the same may not happen over phone calls. And in case it does happen, arranging effective conference calls with all the members will be one of the most critical points of action (PoAs). The next important responsibility one has to shoulder is to share the call details with the relevant team members for further processing. However, with the Coronavirus outbreak, given that the workload has only increased and coordination has only become a more demanding task, there is an inevitable need to deploy an AI-powered meeting notes recording & transcription software. Such AI meeting tools let one automatically share all the information captured through voice communications with the team members.

Many professionals have fully assessed the current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak and the feasibility of meeting business targets. Resultant, have realized the importance of investing in AI meeting assistant tools. It would not be wrong to say that while the need for such tools is hugely heightened in such a crisis, the benefits of these tools are relevant even in the long term. 

How to make business calls as good as face-to-face meetings

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