How Do Top Leaders Manage Meetings on a Daily Basis – Part 1

how do top leaders manage meetings

We have compiled a list of articles on how the tech leaders manage meetings on a daily basis. We have also compiled one take away message from each leader, therefore you don’t have to read the entire articles. 

This will be the first of many series of managing the meetings effectively. 

Jeff Weiner (CEO, Linkedin): Eliminate presentations in favor of discussions. Here is the full article.

Jason Fried (Co-founder & CEO, Basecamp): Have daily or weekly updates posted instead of status updates and protect your time very carefully. Here is the full article.

Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple): Make sure someone is responsible for each item on the agenda. Here is the full article.

Jeff Bezos (Founder & CEO, Amazon): 4-page memo > 20 presentation slides. Here is the full article.

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook): Be clear about the goal when you sit in for a meeting. Here is the full article.

What is your main strategy when managing a meeting?

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