How to Record Google Hangouts & Get Meeting Transcript Effortlessly? (2 Simple Steps)

Google Hangouts transcripts

Google Hangouts is one of the most popular web conferencing tools that is easily available. You will get it for free with every Gmail account. Google Hangouts is also offered as part of the Gsuite for business accounts. Despite its popularity, there is one area where users frequently face issues with Google Hangouts – getting Google Hangouts transcripts.

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts

How to Get Google Hangouts Transcripts

One of the biggest challenges for Google Hangouts users is reviewing the call after the meeting. The key element for reviewing is a meeting transcript of the call. Unfortunately, Google Hangouts doesn’t provide a meeting transcript.

Fortunately, FreJun can help you solve this issue in 2 easy steps.

  1. Sign-up for the FreJun account
  2. Invite FreJun to your Google Hangouts meetings
  3. Get the meeting transcript to your inbox!

It’s that simple.

Here is a quick guide if you need any help.

FreJun not only sends the meeting transcript to you but also to all the Google Hangouts meeting attendees.

With FreJun, experience a hassle-free meeting.

Apart from aiding in productivity and management, transcriptions play an important role in an internal investigation. Here are 4 ways how transcription can help in internal investigation.

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