FreJun Integrates with Hubspot (Phase I)

We want to inform our users that we have integrated Hubspot to FreJun. We have many ideas to implement, but we want to do this in a step by step manner.

Let us explain in detail how the integration works after integrating your Hubspot account,

  1. Once you have your meeting where FreJun captures your meeting or call notes, it verifies if the emails present in the meeting are present in your Hubspot account as contact or not.
  2. If the contact is present, Frejun automatically syncs your meeting notes under the “notes” field for that contact.
  3. FreJun doesn’t create new contacts in Hubspot for the undetected emails in your meeting invites.
  4. Currently, Hubspot integration doesn’t work with Phone calls and meeting recording upload yet.

Let us know if you have any questions, please ([email protected]). We are always there to answer them.

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