Reading list for Efficient meetings, Part I

Do you want to improve how you conduct your meetings? Here is a good reading list of articles to begin with,

  1. Stop the Meeting Madness: A really well-written article explaining the increase in the number of meetings over the past 50 years and how to prevent having useless meetings.
  2. Common complaints about meetings and what to do about them: List of most common complaints heard around the globe about the meetings and how solutions to them. 
  3. Most Productive meetings have fewer than 8 people: A good explanation of why it’s better to have fewer people in a meeting instead of a large gathering.
  4. The condensed guide to running meetings: A quick read describing how to run a meeting. You can also check out the recent article from us on how to have a successful meeting.
  5. How to say “NO” to meetings: One of the very highly recommended articles of all in the list. It’s a good idea to say “No” when you think that you are not adding any value to a meeting. A good guide on how to say

There are more articles coming out in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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