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How to make business calls as good as face-to-face meetings amidst coronavirus outbreak?

The corona virus outbreak is taking the shape of a pandemic. Across the globe, most of the people are working remotely from their homes. Resultantly, the number of physical interactions has dropped significantly. There is, however, a surge in business calls. Every working professional encounters the most pertinent question in such a scenario. The questionContinue Reading

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3 Simple ways for SMBs to improve customer conversations for improving sales and customer relation

Are the sales of your business decelerating? Is your business’ customer retention poor? Are your customers often complaining? Do you face many difficulties in building new and maintaining existing customer relations? Are your customer conversations ineffective? Well, if you are a Small or Medium Business (SMB), then this is the perfect guide for you toContinue Reading

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The Definite Guide for First-Time Managers to Conduct Successful Meetings – Nail That Meeting!

When an employee suddenly gets promoted as a manager, the excitement is sometimes short-lived. Soon, there is a crippling fear of failure. Understandably so, since being a manager is a towering responsibility. And for first-time managers, the responsibility carries even more weight. You need to ask yourself – what makes a successful manager? Although thereContinue Reading


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