The best M.O.Ms (Minutes of the meeting) Format for Team and Staff Meetings

The most common type of meetings that are held in business settings is within the company. These meetings can be between a boss and the staff or within the team members.

For any meeting to be useful to the meeting attendees, it needs to follow a series of steps in a format.

60-65% of the success of any meeting depends on setting a clear and proper agenda that shared well ahead of time with all the attendants of the meetings. Time and time, it has been proven that without a clear understanding of why there is a meeting and what are the necessary or potential outcomes would lead to having bad and inefficient meetings.

You will be surprised at how this 1 step of setting up of clear agenda makes all the difference between a good meeting and a very bad meeting.

1. Clear and defined agenda shared 24 hours before the meeting that includes,

  1. What are the decisions that need to be made?
  2. What are the topics that need to be discussed?
  3. Who is responsible for the outcomes?

The other major thing in the format is capturing the meeting minutes and the action items. The minutes of the meeting should correlate with the agenda set for the meeting. Sticking to the set agenda brings focus and discipline to the meeting.

2. Clear and defined minutes that include,

  1. Decisions made
  2. Actions items and people responsible for the outcomes and deadlines if applicable.
  3. Items that were on the agenda but were not discussed or no decisions were made about them.

You can always check out our Minutes of meeting template that suits to any team or staff meeting minutes format or an extensive list of templates in different formats.

Click here for the template in Microsoft word format (.docx)

Click here for the template in Microsoft Excel format (.xlsx)

Click here for the template in Microsoft Powerpoint format (.pptx)

Click here for the template in Google Doc format

Click here for the template in Google Sheets format

Click here for the template in Google slides format

The easiest way is, You can use FreJun for automating the collecting the minutes of the meeting, with a simple invitation to [email protected].

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