How to simplify your business travel?

Business travel is a lot different from your typical pleasure travel or a family vacation. Basically, you are traveling to a city (or multiple cities) to accomplish business objectives. They could range from sales to consulting.

Most of the business travelers have their own set of do’s and don’ts but here are a couple of them that you could add to your list.

  1. Have two travel checklists instead of one. One for the short trips and another for the long trips. Necessary items and the item number vary depending on the travel duration. With two lists, the planning becomes a lot easier.
  1. Always carry a phone number book with emergency contact numbers and important information. Even in this advanced digital age, you never know when you might run out of power in your electronic devices and get stranded in an unexpected location.
  1. Food is one of the easiest ways to get sick when traveling and getting sick on a business trip is the last thing you want. This might sound a bit over cautionary but don’t try new food when traveling. Stick to few healthy choices. Your travel life will be much easier!
  1. Have a time blocked in the evening to catch up with your emails and reports. It’s always a good to finish the daily reports when it is still fresh in your head. Otherwise, work would pile up.
  1. Share your work schedule with your colleagues. They know exactly when to contact and when not to contact you if they need you.
Most importantly, always make time to call your loved ones. All it takes is 10–15 minutes. They are the ones who will be missing you the most when you are traveling.